This Member Disturbs Me

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He has many groups about sex with young girls. I can tell from his groups he was also molested as a child. I hope he doesn't act out with any one in real life.

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5 Responses Mar 5, 2010

There are some things, that should just not be counted as "experiences" or be added as "experiences". I looked at the page... And was... weirded out by it...

I believe if he is as creepy and into young girls as it seems he should be reported not just on ep but to the police as well let them decide if he is doing anything wrong

Me! either, i didn't go beyond his profile, i was nervous of what i might have come across, :-( Omg! i agree, with TheSquirrel, ''is he normal'?' , is he someone to report!?,. And yes he is creepy,.

I have never looked into the sex side of EP. I can't say I really wanted to look beyond his profile page, so I didn't. But I did not see anything dangerous, just creepy. Is this a normal sort of person in that area, or is he someone to report? <br />
<br />
At least this guy is showing his face in his avatar. But still, creepy.

Why not ignore? Because he could be a *********? That's why!