Floydess Is The Main Attraction ;)

Or so she wanted me to say. :D

We've got Tuva, Peanlo, Floydess, myself... CaptainjackassWolf will be bailing our exhibitionistic hineys out of jail... So who else? :D
deadmoon deadmoon
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Me wanna talk dirty

Ok, but I'm going to have to put a disguise on my *** so no one knows it's me and therefore stay out of jail. XD


If we DO end up in jail, I certainly HOPE not!!! :O

dream on -__- i can't even afford a meal how am i gonna bail you all out?

There are other methods of payment...

O.o what am i your hooker now?

How is hooking up with ME going to help?! There are police women and guards in prison! You're THEIR hooker now. :P

-___- dumbass

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