To Think Im Less Of A Writer Because You Think It Is Not Proper Grammer

You call it proper and you could not be more wrong.

Writers to be a writer you must have to have good spelling and grammar??

If that’s all there is when you write I'm sorry but you are no writer in my eyes

Someone with a story to tell, who has something to say and that can make a difference with there

Writing, that’s what a writer is to me I don’t care if they cant spell or if what they write people say is not the proper way… I can feel what they write though and that’s all I need for a good book so why is it so if you cant spell you cant be a writer? Well unfortunately  there are people who believe in having there head up there *** so what they say goes and that is not OK to me because I cannot spell or do not use proper grammar

I will not let such a simple thing as that stop me from saying what I want to and writing tell I can write no more and some may say fine you will never publish a book…I will prove you wrong. If you cant feel or see what someone is trying to say maybe there is something wrong with the way you see things not the way they write it..


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1 Response Feb 23, 2011

You don't have to worry about grammar, that's what editors are for :)