Im Looking For Something Thats Not There

i don't know why i do it but I'm missing something so something has to take its place, right i don't like where i am right now nothing is moving i just want to go and get away......I'm scared still but i should not be I'm worried every day i do not like my self all that much I'm so self conscious all the time..
i just don't want you to jump on the first train to judgment i wish i could just stop all together and and die but life is such a beautiful thing but i would give it all back every bit because there is more pain then love and you can argue this and say no but i guess your living in a different world......
i don't even have it bad and look at me I'm a mess i cant keep anything together i dropped out I'm 17 and right when someone tells me they just don't one ever dose my chest hurts so bad right now as i right this its my heart acting up again if it just stops what will i do i don't think i will care it hurts so bad more then i can type i can barely breath. who are you? just say something tell me who you are i want to know?
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2 Responses Feb 26, 2011

I'm with you all there way! There are so many people out there that feel the exact same way! Never give up and you will soon find something. I promise

I wish I could answer that question, but I don't know who I am yet :(