Poem By Truefox "carmen Carah"

Ill get somewhere soon im not sure how but I know how id like to,

These step’s I take here are just the seed’s tell the water start’s to fall

Allowing me to grow. I guess ill wait tell the summer’s in bloom ill see my uncles the

Tulips even my sister the rose but my mother and father are already sowed probley a cotton t or a V-neck

For a stupid pose but I want to be more then all of this I want to grow to be the biggest tree surpassing the rose and the cotton seed I want vines to grow upon my trunk and birds to nest, I want names carved into my wooden “flesh” I want peace to be set all around me I want love to buzz like the bumble bee but to do this the mane thing I need is you,
pick me up and plant me.


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May 13, 2011