Do you think about me because I think about you, allot. “He says nothing, just lies there looking at the stars”
Why won’t you talk to me………… he breathes in deep.
Do you ever wonder if were suppose to be together?
No he replies, because I know we are.
How long can you go without missing me he says?
Not long I reply, I can’t stop myself from worrying even though in my heart I know you will be ok.
I lean in to lie on his chest but he shoves me away.

Is something the matter?
I will be leaving soon he replies; I was one of the ones chosen to be deployed,
I don’t want you to miss me he says.
But, I don’t understand why?
He looks at me and says because if I die I want you to be able to find love.
I stand and say, but I already have. I hold out my hand for him to grab and we walk away in to the dark.

Weeks, months pass before I hear from him again.
Dear, Carla
I’m sorry for not writing sooner, I know you are missing me, and I am missing you to,
I got the pictures you sent me, are son looks so handsome “he is going to grow up to be a wonderful man”. Tell my boy I love him.
The letter continues on for a few more pgs and I write him back, the next time we would talk would be at his funeral, I held his flag to my chest and swallowed my tears.
I looked down at our son knowing I would cherish him forever; it was parting, with such sweet sorrow.
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Aug 31, 2011