A Peek At Scarlet Dreams Chapter 2

I walk toward the back room to see if she is there, but nothing.

I walk back in the room and close mothers eyes; there so shiny even after death.

The door rings again and before I can think twice I hurry and clime out the window. My hands hold on to the frame as my feet dangle trying to find ground.

I fling myself down and scurry off to the woods;

I can hide here I tell myself, no one can find me, not even

Jealousy “her eyes can Pearce through anything” but as long as she doesn’t have site of me she can’t continue to track.

The day fades fast as the rose covered ground starts to fade back to dust. It’s close to night now and they will be arriving soon.

I wait just a while longer and the sounds of sirens Pearce my ears. I duck out from behind the tree to take a look;

There already headed for me! I run kicking up dust in my path

Trying to keep a steady foot on the ground; my knees shake and

My heart beats fast as the fear takes a hold of me.

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Jan 14, 2012