The Docs Office

it was strange at first i dident whant to be there then i got real swetty cuz of my angsiyity,then the specalist walked in i was there cuzz my docter sed i had a hart mummer and should see a specalist,he asked me questons and stuff i told him where it hurt he then told me to lift my shurt no big deal i thoght

he cant turn me on he is so much older well, i was wrong he was jentle i thought he just had to check my stumic but then.....he whent lower i jerkt a little my eyes opend wide dam!!! i thought to my self jasper get a holed of your self i calmed down fast after that he talked for a while then sed to fallow him to the one room to take pics my mom fallowed behind when we got thare he told me to take off my shert i then stutterd,take my shert off,yes he then sed

o ok,i removed my shurt and lade on the table then he told me this wont hurt it will be cold on your skin at first but it will fade ok i thought

he put the jell on my stumic it was cold but nuthing much after a while i got sleepy and bored but then he moved twords my nipple my face totally changed it tickcould sooooo much i wanted to laph but i dident want him to think i was gay,he then told me to lay on my side he sat right behind me and placed his arm over me to reach my stumic i felt cared for is this what it feales like i thought this is grate(:

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1 Response Feb 25, 2010

You stopped that story too soon didn't you?