All begins 3 and a half years ago. I am a man and I am around 5.3 tall and back then my weight was 183 pounds. I decided that this is no good for my health so I have to do something. My girlfriend bought for me 2 sets of pills and potions made from plants but I refused to take them. I did not take them because I considered that if I am not medical seek, if I don't have any hormonal problems I was doing somethig wrong.
So I went to the doctor to check me and make blood tests and then I went to an endocrinologist because two from my family had problems with thyroid.
All went fine and they told me that I don't have any medical problems. I am not very smart and I prefer to look very pragmatic and check for simple solutions for my problems. I think if in nature we do not see obese or overweighted animals it is not natural humans to be so. Today even pets fed by humans are obese and with health problems, diabetes at cats and dogs.
And throgh this long journey of three years and a half I discovered a lot of things. I am not a specialist, a certified specialist or an expert. I saw many diets of doctors that I personally think that are pure nonsense. For example that diet that says to eat one day just meat, one day just I don't know.
Today my weight is 125 or 57 kilograms and I mantained this weight in the last I think 2 years. For sure there is no magic pill, potion or something else. There is no pill to take, eat like this is the last day go to sleep and next day wake up with an athlete body. Most important thing is that in the last three years and a half I wasn't sick, I caught cold 2 times and I used natural remedies and took only 3 pills of an anti-inflammatory because I went to a spa that days and I wanted to avoid any other problems. Also I had 3 anesthesia at my dentist.
As I have said I learned a lot and I am learning everyday something new. It is very interesting but there are so many simple things that we take them for granted and we do them wrong. We (the vast majority including myself) don't know to breathe proper (this affects our health-heart, brains and other organs), to walk proper, the position of our body not to speak to sleep, drink and even eat like we should. All these should be teached at school, in my opinion. I look in the supermarkets and read the ingredients of food and see what garbage are the majority of products and I wonder with what are they feeding the animals for that meat. All in all I am very glad and I know that there alternatives to have a healthy lifestyle, a healthy body and a balanced mind.
elmardino elmardino
Dec 14, 2012