Best Vacation Ever

I've always loved being barefoot. And I'm sure that I spent weeks at a time barefoot as a little kid. But the first time I remember going an extended period of time, like more than a weekend, without putting anything on my feet was when I was 17. It was late July and my family went camping a few hours from home. Like I said, I love being barefoot, so I spent the car ride in my bare feet and did a bit of walking around the camp site barefoot for the first couple of days. But whenever we'd wander off to go exploring or hiking or whatever, I'd put my shoes on. That was normal for me. Well, on about the third day, we were playing baseball in a field and when I was standing out in the field, just for the hell of it, I decided to take my shoes and socks off and play barefoot. I've always run better barefoot, especially in grass. And you know what? I just never bothered putting them back on. We were there for almost another week and I never once put anything else on my feet. We went hiking and walked down to the creek and climbed trees and all sorts of stuff and I did it all in my bare feet. Nobody in my family hassled me about it. If they even noticed, they never brought it up. So my feet stayed bare. And naturally, I spent the car ride home barefoot, too. So when we stopped for dinner at Del Taco on the way home, the moment of truth arrived. The family got out and went in. And I didn't have my shoes 'cause I had just tossed them in my bag, which was buried in the back. So what the hell. I went in barefoot. And I spent the next week or so barefoot once I got home. I mostly spent it at home, but once in a while I'd go to a store or fast food place and was just so comfy in my bare feet, the thought never occurred to me to put shoes on. After 17 days, I was finally asked to put shoes on to go out dinner. But that was probably the best 17 days I've ever had. I'll go barefoot most weekends and whenever I have a vacation from work, but don't typically last more than a couple days. But that two and a half barefoot weeks when I was a teenager was just the best.
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It seems that you had the best barefoot summer when you were a teenager. Today, me and a group of friends went to a waterpark. Of course my group went inside with shoes on but I was the only one that went in there barefoot. It felt great seeing just about everyone in that park walking around barefoot.

Those barefoot days in the summer were the best when I was growing up. Oh wait a minute, I haven't grown up yet, I'm still barefoot, LOL.

wow...your family sounds cool

lol k

So you go barefoot, smoke, cuss AND you play ball?<br />
<br />
You are a dream girl. *sigh*