I Went Bungee Jumping Once

I was on a family trip in Mexico in 2010 during spring break. We had driven from out resort to a nearby surfing beach and we were tired so we decided to head back. Earlier that year we saw a movie called Sharktopus, and in the movie, a young lady had gone bungee jumping. Well, the city that we were in was the same place that that movie was filmed. My dad went online and searched for the place where the lady in the movie bungeed and we stoped by.
We walked up to this old, tattered shack where you supposedly signed the documents and things, but nobody was there so we headed back to the car. Some man walked up to us and asked us if we were there to bungee and we said yes, and discovered he was the owner. He got my sister, dad and I the paperwork because my mom was too agraid to do it. We signed everything and my dad went first.
You got the choice weather you wanted to dive upside down on the bungee or sitting right side up. My dad chose upside down. We stood near the edge of the cliff as he climed up the boardwalk type thing to the top. He jumped off and was pulled back up. I was next. The walk to the top of the boardwalk was difficult because at the time I was afraid of heights. So i reached the top and my heart was racing. The man strapped me in ( i went right side up). I asked if i could jump yet and before he gave me an answer I was off the cliff falling to what seemed to be my doom. The ocean waves crashed below me as I came to a ******* stop. I realized it was over. I didnt even scream. My adrenolin was rushing and it was the most exciting thing i had ever done in my life! I was shaking so much and i dont even know why, but it was a good feeling. When I got back to the top, my legs and arms were so weak i could hardly walk. My sister was standing there with her equiptment on and she asked me if i had fun. I told her it was the most exhilerating thing i had ever done in my life, and i had never had so much fun before. I walked down to my mom who had my camera and was taking pictures of the scenery. she commented on how surprised she was that i didnt scream. We ast back and watched my sister get ready to jump, which ultimately she was too afraid and chickened out.
Carmelracoon Carmelracoon
18-21, F
Jan 18, 2013