Wrecking the Family Canoe

We had a family canoe when I was little.  Dad canoed in back, Mom in front, sister and myself in the middle.  Those were among my favorite family adventures.  Water, motion, nature and family adventure is a nice combination. 

Then we wrecked it.  I was 8; my sister 6.  After a while of canoing an easy section of river, my parents ignored a warning and chose to go too far.  In one spot, the current speed increased, and there were some large rocks with rapids between them.  The canoe turned too far at a critical place and became trapped sideways against two rocks.  The river current pressed against the canoe's side forcefully - pinning it with tons of lateral pressure - and causing it slowly to tip.  When water started entering the canoe, the rest went very quickly.   

I remember being shocked by the cold water up to my waist rushing all around.  My sister was screaming.  Within seconds, however, there were friendly hands pulling us to the shore.  We were okay.

The canoe was not okay.  It took hours to figure out how to get it out of the water.  When that was accomplished, we had a very bent and leaky aluminum canoe, never to be used again.  A river is a powerful thing.  :(

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4 Responses Mar 3, 2009

yes it is ive been whitewater rafting do kind of been there!

yes it is ive been whitewater rafting do kind of been there!

Sounds exciting, fighting the river from early ages!<br />
<br />
I loved it when we wrecked things as family, we still talk about them and laugh.<br />
Though it were never as exciting as this.

Even when some of our best times are cut so short we have them with us for a life time.I like making memories.When I am by myself a smile comes across my face it is so wonderful.I know people who claim to have only to have painful memories.To think that they have only lived 1/2 of a life.Your story I could see what was happening as I read.Thank you for sharing it with us.Got any more?