Went Canoeing At Summer Camp

I have been caoeing several times as a kidbut here is one of the interesting times. I was at summer camp and decided to go canoeing. After we were a ways out away from the dock the other person I was with decided it would be fun to flip the canoe. Of course he was in a bathing suit while I was fully dressed. We ended up swimming back to the dock pulling the canoe with me being fully dressed in a t-shirt and jeans. The other juy was a prankster and Ihad had a felling he might do that and should have put on a bathing suit. At least I was not wearing my glasses which might have been lost or ruined.

Another interesting experience involving canoes was also at summer camp a different year. They had a contest in the swimming pool where they had 2 teams each in a caoe and somebody held the canoes close together while they tried to fill each others canoes with water and sink them. That I suppose isn't technically canoeing but was a lot of fun. Unfortunately they stopped having summer camps at that camp after that year.

charliew charliew
41-45, M
Feb 26, 2010