Had Fun Overall, Though I Probably Won't Go Again

My roommate Benji is 31, but most of his friends are much older. I'm 23, though I've never really been clubbing. I don't have much nice clothing, since I'm usually a t-shirt kind of girl. I went with a black dress with a lace overlay, paired with with some black tights and heels, and curled my hair a little. I put on some sparkly jewelry and makeup. I don't do this often so it was very exciting.

When we got in we first started with drinks, just a couple before hitting the dance floor. We danced a bit, then went back for more drinks, then danced, then drank. I was getting pretty tipsy and getting into the dancing, so when Benji wanted more drinks I stayed on the dance floor. While I was dancing alone I had my eyes closed and when I opened my eyes a man was dancing with me. I smiled and danced with him. He put a hand on my shoulder, which made me feel weird, but I ignored it. Then he put both hands on my hips and started grinding on my leg. I pushed him back, but he came in close again, rubbing his hands on my lower back. I shoved him away this time and walked away from him.

I was getting off the dance floor and walking toward the bar when I felt someone grab my hand. It was him. He shouted "Wait a minute, sweetheart," over the music. I shouted back "No thank you" but he wouldn't let go of my hand. "Let me buy you a drink." "No thank you,"He pushed his body in close to mine and starting dancing and grinding on me. He smelled strongly of alcohol, and he was nearly pushing me over onto the seats. "Come on, American!" I took the more direct approach and yelled "Leave me alone!" Another man tapped him on the shoulder and shouted "She doesn't want to dance, mate," over the music. While the guy was distracted and talking to him, I slipped past and made it to the bathrooms.

I quickly ran inside a stall and locked the door. I started to have a panic attack, trying to hyperventilate as silently as possible. I could still feel his body heat on me and smell the liquor on his breath. His presence had become dark and threatening, There was a knock on my stall and a girl asked if I was okay. I said yes, cleaned my face a little, and walked out. She was there and asked me if I was okay. I told her a guy got a bit to aggressive with me. She said "I understand" and we shared a look. That look we shared, I could tell she was a rape victim too. We both understood each other more than I can even explain. She gave me a Xanax and told me to chew it up and keep it under my tongue. It only took a few minutes before I started to feel calmer, though a bit more sluggish and light-headed. I thanked her and we both left the bathroom.

Benji was standing outside the bathroom. He handed me a drink and checked if I was okay. He asked if someone was rough with me and I nodded, then he asked if I wanted to leave. I didn't, so we both went out on the dance floor. He held my hand as we walked back out, then we started to dance together again. Maybe it was the extra drink, maybe it was the Xanax, but I didn't even think of that guy again. I just danced with Benji, even getting quite close :X  

Another drunk guy walked past us, and though it wasn't the same guy, it kind of triggered me again. The crowd just started getting oppressive, even Benji. He picked up that I was uncomfortable and asked if I wanted to go home. I nodded. We took a taxi home and he made me take an aspirin and some green tea before bed. Of course, why go to bed when you can write on EP?
cosmicspeck cosmicspeck
22-25, F
Sep 23, 2012