Foggy Mornings Cold Water

One day after me and my fishing buddy went fishing that I would meet his uncle early in the morning and see what he catch.  I woke up prior to the sun coming up and at the park we were allowed to be there 30 minutes before it the sun rose.  When I got there there was a long line. Huh?

I wondered what was going on. It turned out that the gate was lock and the nice policeman wasn't there yet.  I looked ahead of me and two cars were abandon. Left with no one inside blocking traffic near the front gate. I just turned off my car and waited right next to the school. 15 minutes later the local cop came by and apologize for the delay. It seems that they were short staff today and he would immediately open it up.  No as far as the people who left to go to the river and couldn't wait, well it took them time to realize that everyone was coming in.  I wonder if they got a ticket?

So i downed my waders. Patched up, and a used felt shoes for 2 years in a row. I baby my things until they drop or i no longer can fix them on my own.  OK lets see, net, back pad, wallets, keys, phone, string and pliers. Check. The parking lot was still slightly dark and I made my way down to the river.  Ah it feels so good looking at the way it moves from up top here on these stairs. But why is it so foggy down there?

I manage to remember every rocks and crevices from every moments i entered this area of Gwinnett. So i just took my time, balance myself and got into the normal spot. And behold who was there, ME. I had this spot all to myself and for you that do fish knows what that feels like, heaven. Or sucker i win.

My first cast went with memory too, as all i could ever feel was the dense fog looming around me.  And as the weight of my line cross down river i could feel every inch of its path. 4 lbs was all i use when it came to Trout.  Tug, on my very first drop and I quickly jerk it to the right, knowing that it wasn't going to let go.  Its a fighter and been this early I knew my luck was going to get better with each cast.  I landed the trout, yeah it was a normal 12 inch rainbow.  I pulled out my bait. This would have to be the yellow fake salmon eggs. To every fisherman we have our own taste of catching fish so we like to be selective of our bait.  Plus plastic last longer.

Through out the morning the sun tried to uncover this miserable fog. All i can see are the people across the river catching just a few, and envious of where I was. Since i was the only one hitting it off every other cast. I only kept the ones that swallowed my bait in the stomach and threw back the ones on the lips. As the suns' rays grow stronger i felt its heat overwhelming this awful fog. Did it rain? So after all this, my legs were as cold as ever but thanks to my thick waders i wasn't as sick.  Slowly it started vanishing giving the sight of the fish down below. Relying more on sight then smell and so was my luck.

In the end i picked up my limit and also found a few good friends crazy enough to be out there this time of the morning. Why else head out to see the strange, the way of what true power nature can be. The wrong steps, the loss of balance and off i will go deep into the cold waters if I am not careful.      

nrcsguy nrcsguy
31-35, M
1 Response Mar 5, 2009

That's great that you go so lucky catching your limit of fish! I haven't went fishing in years and last time I went I didn't get anything. haha