I Caught My Limit

Today was a great day for trout.  I stepped in my normal attire. Waders, backpack and a funky hat.  I threw my first cast and wham a hit for this years first trout.  After that it was just the same with every throw. So if anyone in the Atlanta area wants to improve on there lessons or needs to see how its done. Just ask me where this cool, safe and public place is. I'll be glad to be your guide. by the way i caught my limit and released the others.

nrcsguy nrcsguy
31-35, M
1 Response Mar 23, 2009

I have two fishing stories to tell. I think I fell in love with fishing at five years old- the first time I fished on the dock at camp. I absolutely loved it and would have done it everyday had I the opportunity. The only other time I went fishing though as a kid was at my friends- she lived on the lake. And I felt cheated because her parents gave me one of those bobber things and I thought it was an extremely sissy way to catch a fish. I in fact thought they were looking down on me because they thought I needed 'a red' ball to show me that I caught a fish. And I ended up not catching one and I felt true shame- like there was something deeply wrong with me because I couldn't catch a fish with even the simplist method.<br />
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The next time I went fishing was after I got married. I went with my husband, and father-in-law. It was luck but I caught the biggest fish! A fancy trout. It was huge! And this is the funny part - when we got home, his mom said, "oooo who caught the fish?" I was just about to say I did when my father-in-law claimed it. And he never believed or remembered that I was the one that actually caught it! Only looking back on it now do I think hm, well I guess he may have helped reel it in and therefore that must be why he said he caught it. Still I was proud of myself. I STILL til this day- 20 years later love to fish. I think it is my absolute no. 1 favorite sport (even though I don't have the opportunity to fish).