I Went In Public While Only Wearing Body Paint!

So it was 90 degrees outside and I was thinking how nice it would to spend the whole day wearing nothing! And then it hit me: body paint! I wondered if I could get away with only wearing body paint outside and if anyone would notice I was naked. I had a few bottles in the house accumulated from many Halloweens: white, blue and purple and black.

I called my best guy friend over to help me. It was short notice but he was happy to oblige (obviously). First I ******** down until I was completely naked. Then we planned what I was going to "wear". We decided on a white t-shirt with and denim shorts. He thought white would look hotter since you would be able to make out the color of the nipple if you looked hard enough. We put masking tape on my arms and hips to make the lines straight and he applied the white paint to my back while I did the front. He then made a breast pocket out of the purple to make it more realistic but frankly I think he just wanted an excuse to touch my left boob!

Then we made the denim shorts. I didn't have any hair down there from a recent wax so that part was easy. The blue was dark enough conceal any lines. We made pockets using the black paint to create an outline.

My simple outfit using body paint was done! I looked in the mirror and was satisfied. My breasts are pretty perky so it was not obvious at first glance that I was completely topless. If you stare hard enough at the white, you will be able to discern the nipples. The denim shorts were a masterpiece! The pockets looked realistic and they looked like skin-tight pants. I was ready to go out in public!

The only things I wore outside were my Converse and sunglasses. I exited my apartment and walked right out onto the busy street. One thing I did not anticipate was my breasts bobbing up and down and sideways. That definitely attracted some attention. About half of the people were staring at me and half did not notice. The first person who approached me was a middle aged man.

"Is that paint all over you", he asked.

I smiled and said yes.

"Well might I say you look adorable!" he said and walked away.

That was quite unexpected!

I passed by a group of girls shopping who started giggling once they saw me. Another mans arm accidentally brushed against my side and he looked shocked as he pulled his arm back. An old man smiled at me and a young woman winked at me.

Another highlight was when a high school boy with friends asked if he could take a picture with me. Why not?

As I posed next to him, one of his friends grabbed my ***. How rude! I quickly left after his picture and not much later, a worker informed that women were required to have tops on. He didn't even realize I wasn't wearing pants, which I found quite hilarious.

I went back home, satisfied. Being completely naked outside was so liberating and it felt so good! I loved the feel of the sunshine on parts of my body that are usually restrained or hidden. Most people who noticed were pretty good sports about it. Expect to get some dirty looks and glares. Also expect to get hit on or occasionally groped by a high schooler. But all in all, expect to have a great time being free and naked outside.
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I wish I could do that. I love the thought of walking around in public naked, wearing only paint. But unfortunately I have too many anatomical parts that are hard, err, difficult to disguise. I'm not interested in removing them, but I really wish paint was an acceptable form of covering for anyone who chooses to wear it. I love your story...

Would love to see a photo of that outfit. I am a huge fan of body paint and have quite a few pictures already. Always looking to collect more.

I would like a photo, too! I don't have a collection, but this sounds like a good one to start with.

that is awesome

Great story!

Nice but risque

Did your boyfriend jump in the shower an help wash it off??

Sounds like a lot of fun :) Hope to see you around in bodypaint one day.

How did you get it all off from you?

Great fun! Painting a nude girl before she goes out like you did is still just a dream for me .. but I keep dreaming :-)

You warn people to expect to be hit on by high school kids. Sad but true Kids, and adults come to that, should be taught to enjoy such beautiful sights but not to touch unless properly invited.

Great story and beautifully bold of you.