Got Aroused At My Wife's Gyno Appointment...

I have had the fantasy as long as I can remember to watch my wife with another guy. Well, of course in her eyes, that is never going to happen. So I got an idea. My wife has a young and handsome Ob/Gyn. I got to know him quite well, not missing a single appointment while my wife was expecting either of our two kids.
I suggested to my wife that she allow me to come to her next yearly check-up. I told her how turned on I would being in the room as this young doctor stuck his fingers in my wife's *****. My wife played along as I brought it up occasionally as we made love.
To my surprise, she actually called my bluff and asked me if I was going to ask for time off from work to accompany her for her upcoming appointment. Of course I JUMPED at the chance!
We made wild passionate love that night as I described my dream of how the appointment would go. When the day came, we made out in the parking lot before going in as she played up the excitement. I had a noticible bulge in my pants as the doctor entered the examining room. He shook my hand saying how nice it was to see me again. He then went to work on my wife. His back was to me as checked her breasts for lumps. I caught my wife's eye as I rubbed my **** through my jeans. He then started the pelvic exam. I'll bet he could have done without the lubricant as he incerted his fingers into mher already wet *****.
The appointment didn't finish as in my dreams - watching the doctor **** my wife right in front of me - but it was a day I'll never forget!
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I go. Love watching all that. And about every other year I suggest that there's a bump in her butt. Otherwise he doesn't do a rectal! Ellie humors me, she's the best

nice I've always wanted to go with my fiancé to her gyno check
would be awesome to see her touched by a male doctor
nice story again thanks for sharing

You have to read my story on my wife and Gyn.

Nothing turns me on more than watching the male gyno check my wife. It turns me on more that looking at naked women on the internet. My wife has a nice body, she is natural, no fake boobs, no tatoos, no shaved pubic area and the thought of another male touching her privtate areas is quite arousing. It all started after we got married. She would tell me that she hated going to female gynos but was terrified of going to a male gyno and asked if I would stay in the room with her.

Hi Storm, love your avatar. Please add me as friend, I'd like to view your gyno pics.

sorry mate iv deleated them months ago as no one was interested

have posted 48 new gyno pics if you want reminding what turned you on

There is just something about seeing another man, even a doctor, with his fingers inside your wife or girlfriend's *****. The other strange thing is having her ***** on display during labor while several hospital workers are all walking in and out of the room.

Yeah, weird, huh?

As one with a mad medfetish, I can say, your story is quite hot and wonderful to take in this morning, Sir. As per their agreement, my Master is always there if anyone wishes to examine me. Makes me feel loved, cared for, and his hot property:)

Yes, I am really glad she went with the fantasy, she must have known it was driving you wild to see her thoroughly examined!

Glad you both enjoyed it!

I would be horny too if I was in your place. You are lucky that your wife played along<br />
with your fantasy, and was turned on too. You are a fantastic couple. Congrats.