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First Visit To A Nude Gay Resort

It may be hard to believe now, but once I was a shy, conservative guy who had never visited a nudist resort. I was employed by a conservative communications firm in a major city, but found my upward mobility to be blocked, so I was on a cross country drive to visit a smaller firm for an interview. It didn't work out, but it did give me an opportunity to explore.

I had found the World Nude Beach Guide at the bookseller across the street from my home firm, and flipped through it to learn of any resorts along the road that I was to take to the interview. There were only two, one listed as a clothing optional rustic resort, another off the beaten path that was a full blown nudist campground.

After planning out my trip, I called in sick on Thursday and left on my drive. The farther I got into the next state, the more rural and rolling hills I saw. At the proper point, I turned off the divided highway and followed the directions into the winding roads of the hill country. Finally, I drove up to a lodge with a dirt parking lot and no one in sight. I walked up and knocked, but didn't find anyone behind the counter.

The glass counter contained many sex toys, some ******, some **** rings, lube,  scarves, belts,  lots of packages of condoms, and some leather harness with **** rings. There was even one leather mask over a mannequin head and a ball gag. I was worried what this place was, but walked deeper into the lodge, past a black and red finished leather bar that was darkened, and out the rear door, where I found an unshaven workman in blue jeans up a step ladder working on some rain gutters.

I introduced myself and asked if they were open. Yes, he said, remembering my phone call earlier, but not many were around. He said he had to work on the gutters, but maybe Mike would help show me around. He called over to a blonde man who was sunning himself by the pool, and I realized that the guy was totally naked, laying the sun. Beads of water from the pool glistened all over him, and the waves in the pool told me he had just climbed out recently. The workman walked over to him and after a low conversation, the nude man swung his legs off the deck lounger and donned a pair of cut off jeans and a muscle tee shirt. He walked over in sandals and shook my hand firmly offering to show me the place.

He seemed confident, even if I wasn't, and I admitted this was my first visit to a nude resort, having found it in the World Guide at a bookstore. I had committed the directions to memory. Mike told me there might be more people around during the weekend, but that he could show me around. We walked the grounds, which wasn't much, just a few benches in the valley, and some rocky hills that the lodge was nestled between. Some landscaping and gardening with white nude athletic statues abounded... more than one might have expected.  I was starting to get the drift but said nothing yet.

I mentioned the waterfall from the guide, and he said he could show me if I didn't mind walking a bit. We struck off on a path past a sign pointing to "The Glade" and through a stand of young trees. The light was green and soft under the canopy of leaves, and the path was well worn. As we chatted, our voices carried under the trees.  I told him a little about myself, single, college grad, working in a major city, and hoping for a job in the area. He listened but didn't offer too many details about himself. I realized we were doubling back and that the trail was forming a large s-shape under these trees, more as a pleasant garden walk that a straight trail to the waterfall.  Mike said couples enjoyed walking out here to be alone. I hoped he wasn't getting the wrong idea.

We dipped across the valley and started into another thicker woods that climbed into some rougher hills. Rocky outcrops were becoming visible and shortly I realized we were coming to a drop off, as the rocks plunged down to what appeared to be a dirt roadway.  But there was no rushing stream.
After a few mossy carpeted outcroppings, we came to a bench overlooking a dry ravine that dropped down to the roadway. "What road is that," I asked, and Mike said it was the one I had just driven in on.
"Can't they see us up here?" I asked.

"No, you'd have to know exactly when and where to look and most people are too busy."
(Which people he meant, the drivers or the guests, I didn't know.)

"Where's the waterfall," I asked? 

"Oh, it dries up, but with a little rain running off the hills, it will be back," he explained.  The moss between the rocks testified to a moisture source nearby.

I looked around and spotted an empty condom wrapper on the ground nearby. I pointed it out to him, and an empty used condom not too far away.  Mike said that it wasn't that uncommon, that this area used for "turning tricks with your Johns."  I didn't understand, I was so naive, and Mike hesitated and then explained that when I wanted to turn a trick, we could walk out here for some privacy and use the bench. I started to get the picture, that this was expected, and not unusual.

The light slowly dawned on me as I looked at his bronze arms and perfect tan that he was talking about gay tricks, not straight prostitution and that all I had seen here was all male related. No hint or mention of women at all.

Mike said, "You've never been to a gay resort before, have you?"  And I admitted that I hadn't.  
"Well," he said, "you could learn a lot here."    If I got the job nearby, he said college kids from the town where I was applying sometimes came up on the weekends.

We walked back to the lodge and I realized that all the grounds were shaped in a bowl that focused on the pool and the lounge chairs around the outside edge.
"When do people start arriving," I asked? 
"Oh, they'll start rolling in Friday night and stay in some of the overnight rooms upstairs," he explained.

I started to get the picture that this was a weekend gay destination where rendezvous and pick-ups occurred, and the clothing optional listing wan't entirely accurate in the Guide.  I asked him where he stayed, and he said he just came in early to relax this week and to help the owner out a bit.

I thanked him for his time and headed back through the lodge toward the door.
"You're welcome to stay for awhile, if you like," he said.
I had to get farther down the road to check into a hotel for the interview the next morning, so I declined, but said maybe I'd be back.

I walked past the glass display case and looked more carefully at the contents. There were some items I didn't recognize, but the Mr. Peter ice mold caught my eye. Maybe someday I might return and buy it, but it was doubtful if I was going to be hanging out at a gay resort cause I was a practicing straight.  Still, it was the closest campground or resort listed in the guide.

I got in my car and drove down the dirt road, peering up at the rocks. There was no waterfall that I could tell, and if Mike or anyone else was up there, they could be screwing in pleasant concealment. I wondered how common these places were, and if this was typical of nude resorts, as I regained the highway.

45 minutes later I checked into the hotel and prepared for the interview the next day. I didn't get the job.
But on the way home, I swung by the other  traditional nudist camp, but that's a tale for another day. ( It went better.)
studfinder studfinder 56-60, M 2 Responses Apr 11, 2012

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I have been to a few Gay Nude Campgrounds. From my experience. I enjoyed all of my experiences. As a native Atlanta, I was surprised how many Gay Nude Campgrounds opened in Georgia. Sadly, my two favorites have closed. I think that has more to do with the fact that I like quiet laid back camping more than crowed sexually cruisy resorts. My first trip was to a really nice campground in Central Georgia. I stopped by on my way home from Florida. I arrived on a Sunday before noon. I spend the afternoon enjoying the pool and exploring the grounds. The camp was quiet, those already there were recovering from the party at the dance club on the property. The campground had all the types of accommodations you would expect, from primitive tent camping, to tent and RV sites near central restrooms/showers, to sleeping cabin with electricity and air conditioning. The pool was small but nice, there was a covered Jacuzzi as well. While nudity was allowed everywhere except the dance club where food is served, sexual activity is not allowed in the pool area or in the "public areas." The men I saw, only ******** down got to the pool. When I got there, no one was at the pool, so I was able to get used to being naked in public, on my own. After a few minutes I decided to get a bit braver, and grabbed my juggling pins, and headed to the volleyball pit. I was completely exposed to the entire came. It felt great. With in minutes, I saw a couple of men exit their campers, and start walking toward the pool, I guess they were waiting for the first person to come out. By 12:30 there were a dozen men of all ages shapes and sizes enjoying the pool. All of them nude. It was great. Everyone was friendly, and chatted me up. There was no sexual tension at all. I ended up hitting it off with another day pass visitor. He had been a few times before on weekend trips to visit family in the area. After a few hours at the pool, we decide to go exploring the grounds. I wanted to walk around naked, but he put on his shorts, so I followed his lead. He acted as tour guide, giving me commentary about his experiences at previous visits. There had been mention of a "Play Area" around an abandoned RV, so we headed there first. Having agreed that just hanging out naked was the best part nude campgrounds, I did not expect any sexual activity, as we made comments more fitting a anthropologists rather than horny men, and as we checkout the area, including inside the RV, no move was made by either of us. The RV was dripping with sex. There was an open area in the middle of the RV with benches along the walls. In there area that had been the kitchen was a jail cell, and a glory hole set up. The bath room had been set up for pissplay. With the toilet and tub showing signs of resent use from the night before. The bedroom was the "**** Area." As we walked through I was half aroused, and half grossed out. When we left the RV we headed for the camping area. We met a few others as we walked. There were retired men that kept their RV's at the campground like a second home. Others drove down from Atlanta regularly in their luxury diesel pushers. The tent camping area had a very up comfort facility, the sink and shower areas were covered by a simple roof with open sides. Beyond the tent camping area was a wooded area were "play was exceptionable." I said that I wanted to get completely natural, so I ******** off my shorts, my new friend joined me. This primitive camping area was beautiful. I am sure that there would be plenty of wildlife, when men were not walking on the wild side. As we walked and talked, I started to really enjoy the idea of Nude and as we headed back to the pool i stayed naked, we saw another camper heading toward the play area. At the turn off to the "Play Area" I asked off handed if he was up for checking out the action. Inside there were four men. They had shorts on but their penises were out and they were stroking. One guy was on his knees taking each one. The entire time both at the pool or as we walked around naked, I neither one of us got aroused. But as we watched the action, he both got erect. Soon we were waved over, and the guy on his knees presented himself for anal penetration. One of the other dudes take position behind him and took him from behind. He ended up shooting off pretty soon as did my friend. Afterward we headed back to the pool. The other men from the RV came back to the pool soon after. It was remarkable how these men that minutes before was horny dogs, were now completely asexual in their nudity, even when explaining how the action at the RV could get really hot on Friday and Saturday nights, though no specifics about who and what were given. It was as if the RV was a little Las Vegas. "What happened at the RV stayed at the RV. As I got ready to leave after another couple of hours, I knew I wanted to return. The next time I would spend a few more days. A few weeks later I was talked to a bud of mine. We are very good friends. We enjoy having sex with each other, and he can get very hot and heavy, but are "just F buddies" and have a lot more in common and than sex, and can go months without sexual activity. One thing we both appreciate is casual nudity in male bonding, so when I told him about my experience, he was very interested in joining me on a visit. We decided on a weekend. With the plan to tent camp and stay naked the entire weekend. We literally took the clothes on our back and another set of clothes for the drive back. We put those in a small dufflebag in the trunk. After we checked in and drove through the entry gate. we pulled over, ******** and put those clothes in the same dufflebag. We drove naked to the tent camping area, and parked near the comfort station. We had packed all the supplies for the weekend in a couple of plastic containers. While we were tent camping we were hardly roughing it. We used my 6-man Cabin Tent with screened foyer, and had a thick queen sized all the comfort of home. We spend the weekend enjoying the pool, nature and each other. We met some great men, some of whom we enjoyed sexually as well. We were told that there would be a party on Saturday night, but we said we would have to pass, because we did not being clothes. We spend 3 days completely naked and it was a blast.

I havae been to lots of nude gay resorts/hotels. Some are really fun and some have no action at all as mostly gay couples go there, and most are not into **********. Although it is nice to see all the nude guys!! Other times, it is one scene after another!!