So Called Friend

 It was organized by a so called work mate It was on saturday the 20th february 1982 a very cold day in more ways than one,We didn't go anywhere just sat in her sisters house,She never said hello or acknowledge at all when I walked in which realy set me at ease we just spent the evening watching magnum pi and the brood on tv drinking coke and coffee and eating potato crisps she never spoke to me and I never spoke to her,I was mocked for years afterwards I'll never go through that again. 

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not everything goes to plan dont let it put you off though that was then its past, gone. When your young you havent got a clue about these things. Im sure under the same circumstances you wouldnt do the same thing now and i doubt that she would either.

That friend was no friend at all... *hugs* <br />
Don't date if you don't want to, but keep an open heart.

It's ashamed your first blind date ended up like that. I do think they all tend to be like that though. They're all worth finding one that goes great. You should try another one, you know.<br />
<br />
Who knows :)

I guess that date was a little too blind for the woman! Wonder if she had agreed to it? Or perhaps it was "that time of the month" for her!

it was not that bad,

Sorry to hear but at least you can take that experience with you and never attempt it again. Thanks for the courage to share this painful experience.<br />
Take care and all the best.