Cruise To Ensenada With Friends

I just came back from a short cruise with some of my co-workers and a few of their husbands.

We went to Catalina and Ensenada on a 4 day cruise on Carnival. It was a lot of fun! There were originally going to be 12 of us, but the day before the trip one of the girls called me to ask if she could ride down to Long Beach with my friends and me because her husband bailed on her. I would have been so upset with him for doing, that but she seemed to take it in stride, in fact she seemed happier that he was not going. LOL.

We spent the night in Long Beach at a hotel, and my friend and I are shopaholics at Ross stores, so of course before we left home, we mapped out where the Ross stores were in relation to our hotel. We only hit two of them out of the 5 we found. Had a good time, then we ate dinner at Chipotle, which was my first time eating there, It was pretty good, though we were quite confused by the menu sign as it is not very clear. I guess you have to be a regular.

You can take a dozen 20 ounce bottles of water or soda on Carnival cruise lines, so we were each prepared with our water and because our other friend was with us and she was not bringing water, we got her to bring on some cans of Fresca for us to enjoy. I did friend had replaced a bottle of water with vodka, and of course, got caught with it, but the guy gave her the wink and nod telling her to just be careful, keep it in the cabin and enjoy. We did. Fresca and Vodka...great combination!

So we get under weigh, and all was going well. We arrived at Catalina the next morning and we all left the ship for our various excursions. Had a great time on the island shopping, and seeing the city of Avalon. We were doing great, and then we found out that one of the guys in our group and his wife were medivac'd back to Long Beach because he suffered a heart attack while on a bus tour of the island. It was horrible news!, But after some time passed, his wife called and let us know he was alright...she really played down his condition...I think she was trying to spare us, and we believed her and went on have a good time, though missing them and thinking how sad it was that had happened.

Back under weigh and on our way to Ensenada we had our formal evening at dinner. It was a lot of fun. The whole group looked great all dressed up and beautiful. We were down to 9 now though and the 3 empty chairs at dinner were speaking pretty loudly.

We got to Ensenada and the whole group went into town together and walked and shopped and had a blast dealing with the locals there. I got the coolest concrete alligator for my garden for a very good price. What a pain to carry back to the ship though, and I was even asked if there was anything inside of it. LOL! While we were walking we ended up in a pretty bad part of the city, and it was sad there. There were people on the ground crouched against the wall, with human feces on the ground nearby. It was a real stark contrast to what we see here in America, at least where I have been and it was a reminder that I am grateful to live where I do.

Went to see La Bufadora, the blow hole. It was great fun. Had to go through a gauntlet of straw market vendors on either side, calling out to us to make a deal as we attempted to get through to the blow hole. La Bufadora was pretty spectacular. The water really does rise high as it comes through the rocks and we were there at low tide.

We did stop at some of the vendors on the way back to the bus that brought us to La Bufadora, and I bought myself a really pretty ring. Wheeling and dealing is not something I am very comfortable with but I did like the ring so I gave it a shot. The thing that worked in my favor is that though I liked the ring I could have easily done without it and I was able to stick to my guns and and got a good deal.

Another day at sea to get back to Long Beach. Somehow I think we sailed around in circles because it took us a whole day to get back to Long Beach and I think it's a much shorter trip than that, but it was so much fun.

Man you can really eat like a pig on a cruise ship, but I made good choices the whole time (with the exception of eating Tiramisu one night) and I lost 1 1/2 pounds!

Debarkation was a trip. The night before you get off the ship, you put your luggage outside the door and they collect it sometime in the night and take it to a holding area. Sometime between then and when you pic it up, the drug dogs are taken around the luggage. In the morning, law enforcement came down our hallway and arrested a lady in a cabin nearby. Then as we were just about to swipe our card for the last time as we got off the ship, the guy just in front of us also got arrested for smuggling in some drugs. It was really something to watch...Glad I don't do drugs!

We had a great time in our short 4 days, and cannot wait to go on another cruise!
GlassButterfly GlassButterfly
51-55, F
May 11, 2012