Oh sure, we were going as friends. At least, that's what we said to please her mother. We both really knew it was a date, after all, who goes to Martine's with one friend. No one, that's who.

I was a few minutes early, as planned. I wore white shorts, and a short sleeve, slightly more on the casual side, red, plaid shirt.

She was fashionable late. Perhaps by design, but maybe not. Hard to tell. She wore a purple shirt, long sleeves. It covered her up to her neck, though, like a scarf almost, the fabric arced down in a large almost wrinkle, that met at the centre of her chest. I'm sure there's a name for a shirt like this, but I don't know it. She also wore a necklace, simple, but elegant. At the end of the chain, lay a treble clef, with a single small jewel or gem of some sort encrusted in the ball of the clef; where it should sit about at the middle C.

Conversation was light. I had a table reserved for two already. A duo played soft, warm music on their guitar and piano. The place was busy, but not loud. Everyone seemed in good spirits.

The waitress sat us down at our table. Out on the baloney. Large umbrellas had been set out to provide shade from the sun, though the sun unfortunately had a small hole to seep through onto my face, slightly blinding me. I smiled, the sun wasn't too bad.

We ordered, our voices light, slightly nervous. We are both homeschooled, so dates aren't common practice for both of us I assume. I for one, had only been on a date once or twice, but I hadn't been the asker on those occasions. It seems like there is a much more pressure when you ask someone out. Everything must be perfect.

Food arrived. We grew comfortable with the situation. Talk became easy. The food was good. Warm. The duo playing music played good songs, Blackbird and other gentle tunes.

We finished dinner. I got the bill. She needed a ride home, so I waited while she called her mother. We spent the next few minutes watching a playful cat stalk moths, running avidly back and forth, suddenly stopping to freeze while the cat re-found it's target. We laughed.

Maybe the evening turned out to be more just us as friends, rather than anything else, but I still loved it. I move away from the area soon.

I'm going to miss her.

This was a little over romanticized, and it is not the writing style I normally use. Anyway, this is my account of the date I had tonight, hope you enjoyed reading. :)
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That was so beautiful and romantic. Lucky girl

Ty >///<