A Wonderful Memory

I've always had a lot of hell to deal with and wanted a way out. I'm a huge fan of National Geographic and one day I came across a program for high school students. When I found this out, I was thrilled! At the time, my dream was to be a photographer for their magazine so I thought this would be a good opportunity to take since you had the option to study photography during it. After discovering this opportunity, I began gathering together everything I needed for the application. Two weeks later, I applied and hoped I get accepted. Even though the trip wasn't anywhere out of the country, I still wanted to do it. About a month later, I got word that I was accepted. The trip itself was about $4,000. I told myself that if I got accepted into the program that I use my savings for that instead of buying myself a car. I figured that I could get always get a car in the future but never get this opportunity again. The trip was for ten days at Bar Harbor, Maine. Most people think what the hell is there to do there? Well you be surprised how many things we did. We went on a 10 mile bike ride on the bike trails in the woods, climbed a five hundred foot mountain, met an famous illustrator and photographer, took a ferry around the islands and even went to a lumberjack show! I met some interesting people and had an unforgettable experience. I never regret the decision I made to go. It was a much needed vacation and even though my dream of being apart of the team one day faded, I still have a wonderful memory and trust me when I say, a wonderful memory for me is very rare.

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2 Responses Mar 2, 2010

That is truly wonderful and reminded of a trip I took once in the Grand Canyon. A much older man (then) came up to me and said to make sure you do this kind of stuff when you are young and that he wished he had done more when young. i took that to heart and am occasionally reminded of him. Thanks for the reminder and I'm so glad you made such a great decision. What an Opportunity and experience to have had. It makes me happy. Thanks for sharing that story.

that's pretty cool!