For My Senior Project

I wrote a thirty page paper on the experience, so it's pretty hard for me to condense into story length, but I'll give it my best shot. Just remember this is far from the whole story.

Every senior at my school has to do a project that some how pulls together their high school experience. People do everything from going to India to take pictures of orphans to building shelves. I decided very early on in the year I wanted to travel to England to make a documentary about British grail lore. I raised over 1000 dollars selling coffee and cakes to my school mates, and in march I went for two weeks with my friend Nina to the UK.

I still can't believe I actually made the trip happen, considering I really did all the work by myself. We visited Scotland, Wales, and England, staying in hostels and eating fresh produce from roadside stands. About halfway through the trip I stopped filming because I wanted to experience everything with my own eyes and not through the camera. We went to various places that had grail associations but instead of finding a holy cup I found parts of myself I hadn't seen in years. It was a really hard and depressing but ultimately magical trip.

I would definitely recommend going on a quest for the Holy Grail. Going looking for something you know you won't find gives the opportunity to discover all sorts of things you weren't expecting.
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**** yeah, girl

Wow..... *speechless*.<br />
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That is the coolest thing I have heard about in a long while...<br />
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*is rather impressed!!!*

That sounds so amazing! I love to travel with no expectations. It's great just to go somewhere knowing you that are coming back a different person.