Spontaneous Road Trip

I was living in the S.F. Bay area and it came time for 2 weeks vacation.  I packed my suitcase, took a big wad of cash out of the bank, stocked up on recreational chemicals, and took off for the open road with no preset plans whatsoever! I took whatever highway, exit, and backroad that appealed to me not knowing or caring where they led. It was a big adventure. I saw all kinds of things and places I'd never expected.  I was in Santa Cruz, Reno, Tahoe, Carson City, had whiskey shots at the Bucket of Blood Saloon in Virginia city NV.  Then travelled northwest thru wine country, the redwoods, and along the pacific coast to Fort Bragg where I took an old time logging train through old growth forests to Willits and back.  I had a friggin' blast! I had all my favorite cd's with me cranked up loud in my new car just jammin down the Highways. Towards the end I was running out of days off so headed back down the coast stopping ate each tiny roadhouse along the way. I remember pulling over and walking to the beach to watch the whales & sea lions, awesome! Finally I arrived back in S.F. had a fancy dinner at the Cliff House overlooking the ocean then sadly drove home, disappointed that my great adventure was coming to an end. It was a once in a lifetime experience which I shall never forget. I'd recommend it to anyone! Happy trails!

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5 Responses May 19, 2009

One has to adventure out and take great risks to truly live. Through vicarious living we find ourselves.

I agree but don't worry, I have done plenty of living......

That sounds like it was really good for you to do that. the thing that struck me most was the mention of the cash in the first paragraph. <br />
I've set out on road trips where I have been so poor that i would get stranded somewhere and have to wait til the next payday to buy petrol to move on. <br />
And I've set out on other road trips with a brand new visa Gold card hahahhahahahha but never with a great wad of cash! I think I would be scared to have that much money on me.<br />
I guess it's different for a woman travelling alone. I always feel a bit scared when I have to stop the car. <br />
But there is no feeling in the world for me like driving down the open road, preferably with no other cars in sight. How exciting it felt the first time I was ever in a place so remote and vast that there were no fences along the highway. Ah, just thinking about being on the road again makes me sigh but I wouldn't leave here where I am for anything.

I hope you really make your road trip GwennaJane, lots of people plan to but for whatever reasons never actually do it. Be spontaneous, have fun, & be safe!

Absolutely love road trips .... but have never really taken one by myself. Sounds like fun and might be just what the doctor ordered. Will have to wait until July though ... still... I feel the open road calling me.