Jenny Jones

When I was seventeen, I went on the Jenny Jones show as a celebrity look-alike. It was after Christina Aguilera got big, and people thought that I looked like her. One of my closest friends, Danny, sent some pictures to the show, and called him back. I agreed to do the trash-tv thing (I was seventeen, throw me a bone). It was very surreal and I would most definitely never do it again. I think that there is only one person besides me who has seen my copy, (I got it back out when Danny was murdered this past October). We basically went on the show and the producers try to get you to act crazy, which I thought was totally unnessescary. Now that I think about it, everyone who worked on that acted like they had been blowing lines all day. It is VERY embarassing because they had all the look-alikes do skits the day before to have on the show. The night spent in Chicago was wonderfully bizarre. I got to hang out with all of the other look-alikes. The kid rock look-alike invited everyone back to his apartment where he had a bathtub full of beer and a large bag of perscription drugs. That night I spent two hours trying to get my socks off and then passed out on the floor before I could finish the task. The next morning I was supposed to be on t.v. - which made it even more bizarre to wake up on a strange floor with crusted drool all over the side of your face, memory slow to come back. I started to stand up slowly to find Drew Carey, Julia Roberts, Alecia Keys, Ludacris, and George W. (can you imagine?) I located Danny as quietly as I could laying next to Britney Spears. My body felt all fuzzy and my face hurt. I looked in mirror to find a cut above my eyebrow. Besides that I looked like I just walked out of Bruce Campbell's Evil Dead. All I could think was: "Holy ****, I have to be on TV in an hour".

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I am the girl who was on the show with you. I was "Julia Roberts" I have always wanted too see the episode we were on, but I can't find it anywhere. Do you know where I can see it? BTW, I remember clearly hanging out with you. I hope to hear from you.

I was on there to 10 Times P Diddy Look A Like<br />
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-East Oakland Roy

Hello. Not sure if you remember me. I was on the show with you. I went on as Julia Roberts.

This is so freakin funny..I almost peed my pants!

This is an Awesome story! I loved the Jenny Jones show when I was younger...I kind of miss it. She mostly did makeovers. I miss Ricki Lake too:)...<br />
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What an experience though..LMAO I couldn't imagine wakin' up like that...with all those celebs around you..thats some trippy stuff! <br />
<br />
If that is you in your avatar...I can see the Christina resemblance. Thanx for sharing!

heelarious,glad you posted this one.

No - actually at first they were going to fly Danny and I first class to Chicago. By the time we left they had whittled it down to taking a Greyhound bus from Detroit that departed at 3:00am

I think you might be on to something anonyc....

Perhaps this is why you now vomit when people obsess about celebrities.