My Aunt Mary

When I was thirteen my Aunt Mary called my mother and asked if I could spend a few weeks with her and my girl cousins, Connie and Wilma. My Uncle Pug was being deployed to Vietnam and she said she needed some help around the house. I loved my Aunt Mary.
She ws extremely nice to me each time we got together. My Uncle Pug was in the U.S. Air Force and was a career military man. My cousin Connie was a year older and Wilma was my age. My mother said it would be okay but I had to be back before school started.
My Aunt said that was fine with her as well. So on July 12th or there abouts I went by bus to Maryland via Washington, D.C.
My Aunt had a nice place about 5 miles north of Baltimore. She hated military housing, to many bugs she said. I think she was referring to the roaches that permeated the buildings, especially the apartment buildings. I arrive in Baltimore at the Greyhound Station
at around 7 o'clock. My aunt was there waiting for me. WE went over to the baggage area only to discover my suitcase was gone. The Porter said someone else had claimed it for me after showing him the ticket stub. I search my pockets and found I had lost it somewhere.
Great! now I was a few hundred miles from home and had no clothes. What I was wearing was beginning to smell because of the long trip.
I was really upset but my aunt stepped in and said she would take care of it. I said Okay reluctantly and we went to the car and drove to her home.
When we arrived Connie came out and hugged me followed Wilma. Wilma said we were going to have some fun while I was there.
I told her about my suitcase being stolen and I didn't have enough clothes to go traveling about. She told me not to worry she had some things that would fit me. We went on into the house, Aunt Mary told Connie to draw me a bath so as I could rid my self of the road dust.
I followed close behind her with Wilma behind me. Wilma showed me the extra bedroom where I would be sleeping. I went in and sat on the bed, it felt so comfortable as opposed to the bus seats. I got up off the bed before I knew I would fall asleep and started looking around. The dresser was filled with bras and panties and nighgowns, judging by the size I figured they were Wilma's things. I walked over to the closet and opened it. In there was a selection of various styled dresses and skirts all neatly hung along with full and half slips.
I then heard Connie calling me the bath was ready. I said okay I'd be right there. Connie handed me a heavy blue terrycloth bathrobe as I entered and told me to drop my clothes down the laundry shoot then left. I closed the door, got undressed do as she had said with my dirty clothes and got into the tub. The warmth from the water felt great. I just sank into it and the bubbles from the bubble bath Connie had added to the water. It was so relaxing after that trip from Cleveland. I almost fell asleep there when I heard my aunt calling for me.
I quickly finished up and dried off slipping on the robe. I used the comb on the counter to rake my longish hair into place and went on out into the living room.
My aunt had made a light meal knowing I had eaten a little on the bus at one of the stops. She said that what she needed help with was keeping the grass cut and gathering some apples from the trees out back. She said maybe a little home maintenance but nothing serious. I said okay, but I was tired and wanted to go to bed early. She and I went back to the bedroom. I was going to sleep in the robe but my aunt said no-way, the belt would bind me if I tossed and turned during the night. She went over to the closet and was searching through it, pushing the dresses to one side then the other. Finally she pulled out this light cotton nightgown and told me to put it on. I turned around for modesty, slipped off the robe and pulled it on over my head. I was a light lime color with two little pearl-like buttons on the chest, it had a rounded collar and went to my knees. I had noticed but my aunt had gone over to the dresser and had picked out a pair of matching panties. She said I had to wear them as the nightgown would ride up during the night exposing my middle area. She said if I uncovered I'd be exposed and she didn't want her daughters to see me that way. I took them and put them on. I began to wonder if my mom had told my aunt of my dresses at home. I quickly jumped into bed and fell right asleep, I guess I was exhausted from the trip.
The next morning I arose to the smell of bacon drifting in from the kitchen. I heard Connie and Wilma along with my aunt chattering but couldn't make out what was being said. I had morning mouth and was unable to brush my teeth, YUCK!. I found a Dixie cup dispenser in the bathroom so at least I could rinse my mouth out, I did so and went out towards the kitchen. I walked in and Wilma saw what i was wering and started giggling saying how precious I looked. I just smiled. I told my aunt I could brush my teeth and if she could get me a tooth brush later. She told she would as she and Connie were going shopping anyhow. We all shortly sat down and had breakfast. Aunt Mary told Wilma to find me some clothes that would look reasonable on me, nothing frilly or to girlish. I was relieved of that worry.
After breakfast Connie and my aunt got dressed and went to town to do their shopping. I went back into the bedroom to wait for whatever Wilma was going to bring me to wear. Soon she came in with a pair of bright yellow shorts, a light yellow blouse and a pair of yellow panties. It wasn't to bad at least she didn't bring me a dress. She stepped out of the room while I changed into the outfit. I found a pair of light yellow socks in the dresser and put them on with my tennis shoes. I looked in the full lenght mirror on the dor and like what I saw,
not to femmy, but not really masculine, somewhere in between. I went out and showed Wilma, she said the color was definitely me, that I looked good in pastels. She said she also had a similar pink outfit that she wanted to see me in. Uncle Pug had cut the grass before he left and had cut it very close so I didn't have to do that. Wilma and I went out to the orchard (3 trees) and she showed me how to pick the right apples. She said to leave a little green on them as they would fully ripen over the next few days even off the trees. I picked probably a small basket full and she said that was enough. Aunt mary would make some apple butter with them and a couple of apple pies. I asked her if she made the fried apples like grandpa did and she said yes but not often. Then we headed back to the house.
Aunt Mary and Connie showed up about an hour later.
The first week went by fairly quickly, I had worn the pink outfit previously mentioned and a light green outfit as well. Aunt Mary was busy all week, running here and there, visiting friends and going down to the air base of course. While she was doing this I helped as I could and recut the grass with the riding mower. I had forgotten all about my clothes in the laundry and still had no knowledge of where my suitcase had gone. Saturday rolled up fairly quick. The weather had gotten hot with temps in the 80s. That saturday I had worked up a large sweat, even the shorts I was wearing were damp with perspiration. I couldn't wait to get a bath. So I excused myself from Connie and Wilma and went to take my bath. I wanted to cool off so I took a tepid shower, letting the cool water careen down my back and over my head. I felt so refreshed after taking the shower. I spinkled some baby powder on me and used a dry washcloth to dust it about.
I slipped on the robe I had been given and went to my room. I called out to Wilma I needed some clothes. She came in and said her mom had been so busy she didn't catch up the weeks laundry and that they (Connie and Her) were not allowed to run the washing machine. She didn't have any more short outfits and Connie's would be to big on me. She went to the closet and started looking around
and turntowards me saying the only things available were the dresses. She said i could wear one as I didn't have to go anywhere and she and Connie wouldn't tell anyone about it. She looked at me with these pleading eyes, I relented and said okay but nothing to girlish or puffy. She pulled out a blue dress with vertical rows of lace on the bodice, the skirted portion poof out a little, then a white full slip and went and got a pair of white panties. I pulled on the panties and she helped me put on the slip and then the dress.. The dress fit me almost perfectly. The waist was in the proper place, the shoulders were a little tight but not much and it went to about an inch above my knees. Wilma buttoned up the back of the dress for me then went back into the closet. She pulled out a four inch sash and placed it around my waist, tying it into a rather large bow. Now all I needed was shoes. She went to her room and brought back a pair of maryjanes and a pair of white anklet socks. We quickly put them on and she just stared at me. WHAT? Did I lok silly standing there I asked. No quite to contrary she said it looks real nice on you and with my longer hair she said I looked like a girl. Maybe a hair clip or two to finish it but still a girl. She said she had to go get Connie to see this and ran out of the room. I looked into the full lenght mirror and discovered she was right. There was a girl looking right back at me. Connie came rushing into the room and stopped to stare as well.
The both of them telling me how pretty I was for a boy. Then Connie said to wait there she'd be right back. She came back into the room and told me to sit on the bed. She then started putting make-up on me, a little eye shadow, a dab of blush, and lipstick. She said she didn't want to overdo it. I looked in the mirrror again and the girl looking back was even prettier then before. She grabbed my hand and dragged me practically into the kitchen where Aunt Mary was. Aunt Mary turned and looked at me with a smile on her face. "Well, well well, what have we here? she asked. I didn't know what to say. "Those dresses," she continued, "seem to fit you very well" she went on tellling me she was trying to figure out how to get me some boys clothes but couldn't come up the money. She told me a military family doesn't get a lot of money and had to have a tight budget. She then said if you agree I clean the clothes you wore here and put them awy til you leave. You could wear the dresses and things until then. She promised she would never embarrass me as did the girls. She said if we did all go to town shed make sure I would pass as a girl. She said a little different hairstyle would achieve most and some light make-up. I still had about 5 weeks to go before going home, I knew I could not wear the my boys clothing the whole time I was here.
I didn't have to wear dresses the whole time because of the short sets Wilma had loaned me. So I agreed to the arrangement. Wilma after I agreed to do it came over and kissed me followed by Connie. So for the next 5 weeks I became another girl in the house. It seemed however that I wore more of the dresses then the shorts outfits. I knew I wore the dresses on the weekends. We only went to town once and I was nervous as a cat at the dog pound. After being in town for awhile I did relax for the most part. Aunt Mary introduced me to her friends as the girls cousin "Shiela". and I only spoke in soft tones when I had to. It turned out to be an exciting summer. Of course I told my mother of the things that occured. The only thing that mad her mad was my clothes being stolen. I did wear myboys clothing home but with one exception, I wore the yellow panties under my trousers.
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WOW I really Loved this story. I Know you must have been in Heaven. I know I would have.

Amazing story, very well narrated!

great story, that freedom was great i bet.

Hi Melodie, What a great story. Thanks for sharing.

Incredible adventure Melodie. Different varities of colours and dresses? That must have been heaven for you.

Questions? I'm just bathing in the imagination of being in that situation! Well told, and so perfect and innocent and lovely.

If anyone has additional questions after this trilogy please let me know. I will answer the questions<br />
as to which story (experience) it is directed.

Truly a delightful story, Melodie. And to be able to spend all that time with girls about your age at the time. Wow. Sounds like your cousins and their mom were pretty savy, so it leaves me wondering if they really knew of your love for those dresses and panties. It would be hard to hide for that long. I bet they knew , and wanted you to enjoy your stay with them. Now a party dress usually means frills, and you mentioned that you got to wear one. Or was I mistaken. No, you mentioned Wilma's pink party dress later after the story. Sounds like you were just one of the girls in short order! Must have been fun. I'm happy for you, to have been able to have such a nice experience at the time. Just think, to have lived out some of your fantasies back then. I love it.

I also enjoyed your adventure! Please relate your stories about the follow up summers. Now that you were established as a girl in that community, id the boy ever return for visits?

Yes it was a fun time. I liked running into the fields behind the house. I knew sometimes the dress would bounce up exposing my pantied bottom occasionally but I didn't care. I must have worn every dress in the closet, even one of Wilma's pink party dresses. My aunt said I looked very cute in it.<br />
While there we went to church but thats a different story. It was a small church like the ones that <br />
usually seen in the small towns of New England. No one there ever realized I was a boy, including the minister. I was told I could come back next summer, which I did but again thats a different story.

I love reading about your experience over that time in that wonderful family. M one regret, is that I wasn't there as your little or big brother. I have dreamed of such a thing happening to me, all my life, if I did have an experience like this, it is lost in my early memories. I know I did spend a great deal of time with my girl cousins, like you I would find excuses to spend time with them, instead the rough boy games. I do know this, something traumatic happened when I was five years old, and it has something to do with my kindergarten teacher, and something, either I did outside, probably involving the girls in my class, because I was always memorized with their clothes, dresses and the fantasy under them, regardless, I remember her pushing me down in a straw or rata chair for something that I did, that really upset her. I would give anything to know what happened that day."ptsd", age and memory loss, related to my "Tbi" have blocked everything, I waited to long to try to get some answers from my mom, because now she also has problems communicating and remembering, I am hoping that my aunt can fill in some of the pieces. Please continue to share you stories and photos, they are like a life-line to a life I had hid my entire life. Tell me more about the great links that she and her sister went, to make sure you appeared as a normal little girl, especially the hair, gestures and mannerisms. Friends, in life. Elizabethjane