My Aunt Mary, The Next Summer

I have already told you the readers here of my Aunt Mary and my vavation there. You asked about the pink party dress and I told you as well. I also mentioned I spent the whole next summer there, this is that story.
School was ending on June 8th and wouldn't reopen until after Labor Day in September. I had told my mother all of what had happened while at my Aunt Marys' the previous summer. The dresses and and of course my luggage being stolen. She wasn't a happy camper about the theft. She said since she worked different shifts if I would like to spend the summer, the whole summer there with Connie and Wilma along with Aunt Mary. I told her sure as It would be quite boring here with little to do but read, there weren't any new exhibits at the museums. I had seen most of them. I had seen the Science museums displays several times and the astrological shows, so nothing new there. I liked my Aunt and she and I got along real well. I think I was her favorite nephew (niece). Mom said she would call her and see if it was okay. I left for the school and told her I'd see her later. School at this time was really really boring, not much studying just tests (Finals). The other students were excited about the break soon to come. Two more drudgery days of this, turning in our text books and helping to pack them away in boxes, Taking the exams and collecting our final report cards for the year. The only difference this year was they wanted Xes placed on the windows. It turned out some birds had crashed into the windows causing some damage or breaking the window glass. Isn't this the janitors job? We all did our share over these last days.
Finally the day of wreckening came the last report cards. I had my usual As and high Bs except for the P.E. class which I scraped by with a D. They had waited til the last homeroom period to dispense them. The only comment on my besides the good job from my regular teachers was from Mr. Wilkinson the gym teacher. His was the usual "if only he would act more enthused" and if he gave it a try I know he would enjoy it" . FAT CHANCE OF THAT HAPPENING!!! I said bye to all of the girls I was friends with and a couple of the boys and went on home. If I got to go to my Aunt Marys I was going to enjoy this summer.
Upon arriving home my mother said she had great news I could go, but Connie wouldn't be there just Wilma and Aunt Mary. it turned out Connie was going to some all girls camp as a counselor to earn a little money. My mother went on to tell me I would once again going there on a bus. Aunt mary said to just wear something comfortable and leave my other clothes at home this time. She didn't want to chance someone stealing my suitcase again. She said there were a lot of thieves at the Baltimore station. I knew deep down inside I would be wearing the dresses again. So two days later I was on my way. I wore my camp shorts, a polo shirt and my tennis shoe and socks. I had $20.00 for snacks or food for along the way as we had several stops alng the way. No suitcases to look after or even a carry on bag other then my toothbrush, which I had placed in my side pocket.
Aunt Mary was a little late in arriving and There definitely were some unsavory characters there. One of the men tried to talk to me but I ignored him. He kept saying we could go somewhere but I wasn't interested. He was becoming a pest, I was about ready to go over to security desk when my aunt showed up. I was relieved that she had shown as I didn't trust this guy. I quickly said to her lets just go I'll explain later. She saw I was upset but went along with what I had said. Once in the car I told her about the man at the station. She said she was so sorry that she was late but there had been an accident that slowed the traffic. She said on the return trip she'd make sure I was on the bus before she left to make sure I was safe. I felt safe in her company and relaxed.
Wilma was waiting for us when we arrived and came running out to the car wrapping her arms around me. We had the whole summer before us, I wasn't scheduled to return until the Saturday before Labor Day. We all went into the house, Wilma got me a glass of lemonade (my favorite drink next to milk). We all sat at the kitchen table and Wilma asked me if this was going to be like last summer. I told her yes and she squealed with joy saying she had some new dresses and the older ones as well. Aunt Mary said she also had a surprise for me as well and to come up to the same bedroom. I followed her there and over to the dresser. she pulled open the drawer and in it was a large assortment od cotton and nylon panties. "These are yours," she said. "I got them over the last couple of weeks for you". then she opened the closet in there were a bunch of new dresses. "And these are yours." she said. she went on to tell me about my mom had told her about my dresses at home and she wanted me to feel at home there as well. I was overwhelmed with the prospects for this summer. Of course I promised I'd still do the grass and help out as I could. My aunt said that wasn't necessary but I insisted. In the end she agreed to it. We all went back into the living room and I watched the TV while they fixed dinner. After dinner and a another couple of hours of TV I became tired from the trip and excused myself. I went into my room, got undressed, and was getting ready to take a shower when Wilma showed up at my door. Luckily I still had my underpants on. She said she had something for me to sleep in and handed me a nightgown and turned and left. I took it into the bathroom, showered off the road dust, washed my hair and dried off. The nightgown was a little sheer, almost transparent. It was a lime green with a ruffle around the neck. I put it on and it fell all the way to my knees. it was so soft and silky. I took my boys clothes and dropped them down the laundry shoot knowing I'd never see them again until I was to leave. This was to be the best summer ever.
Over the next three months all I wore were the dresses that Aunt Mary had gotten for me along with the ones that Wilma wanted me to wear of course. We had another party for Wilma like the previous year. The only difference was i got to go to town more often, I even went to the military base. If only those airmen had known that I was a boy. I am sure that would have gotten their attention.
I also got to go to the Smithsonian Museum. On that day I wore my blue dress and stockings along with a pair of flats. Aunt Mary did my make-up and my hair. I got used to being with her in public so this was almost just another outing. While there I was approached by a boy who wanted to show me around and explain some of the exhibits. I didn't want to but my aunt insisted. He looked a little downhearted so I agreed as long as he remained a gentleman. He agreed. he tried get my address and phone number but I explained to him that I was from out of state. I wound up giving him my address in Ohio but no phone number. It was a great time. Unfortunately that summer had to come to an end. Aunt Mary and Wilma wanted me to stay but I couldn't. I had things to do at home.
I told them maybe next year if all worked out well. As it turned out it didn't, my Uncle Pug was transferred to a base out west in New mexico I think. My mother wouldn't let me travel that far on my own. I offered to let Wilma come to my house but that wasn't possible as well. At least I had fond memories of two of the best summers a boy could have asked for, even though that boy was a girl on the inside. The boy at the museum wrote a few times but his letters became further and further apart. Isn't it a great thing to remember these types of memories, I hope they last until my time here comes to an end.
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great story

I think your story was ok..................But I do not fully understand it.

If you have any questions here let me know. I will answer them here. To Akapol55, yess I got to wear Wilma's one piece swimsuit, It was yellow with a little skirt attached.

Thank you!

I have enjoyed this story. I feel so much for all of you that strive to wear your feminine clothes. I love wearing mine as do most women, & some have a fetish for wearing it just the same. I know that is true because I do. I have just had to remove a skirt that I have been wearing all day (pic on my file) because I can't stop climaxing. The thing is though, that once I am so sexed up like I am now it does not make a lot of difference & I am still climaxing like mad. It is so lovely except that I now ache from so much. <br />
Love to you all<br />