My Special Weekend

Finally the week end was here and my family was away so I had it all to myself. I had already made an appointment with beauty salon for midday and a reservation at inner city hotel for the night.
So now it was time to start preparing. I packed one of my sexiest outfits into overnight bag plus a full change of clothes in case they were needed. Next wax (legs, butt, balls, chest and underarms), shave (as close as possible) and shower, with this all done I could start to dress for beauty salon.
I had already worked out what I would wear (the girls in salon already knew me so no problems). I dressed up in pretty lace white bra plus breast form, matching thong, sheer pantihose, a lovely lemon chiffon "A" line mini dress and matching wedge heels plus brunette wig (hair to middle of my back). Now it was time to leave for salon.
As I walked into salon I saw they had 5 girls waiting (for whatever reason) and that I was going to have to sit there and wait with them. Fiona (one of the owners) came out to check who was waiting, she saw me and told me to go through to the back room and she would be there in a few minutes. When she came in she told me that the girls had realised I was a guy and asked why I was there. She knew I wouldn’t mind so told them I was having make up done which they thought was great. When Fiona had nearly finished doing my face (just the last minute lippy) her partner Danniel came into see how I looked. It was then that she told me the girls who had been waiting, wanted to see as well if I agreed. I said that was ok if I could see what they were having done. Anyway a group of them came in all smiles and laughing, they said how great I looked and complemented me on my dress then explained it was not me they were laughing at but at my request to see them as they were all having legs waxed. With the exception of one girl (Kristie) who said she was having a brazilian as well and I was welcome to watch (which I did) she was super hot and so sexy.
As we were walking out together we decided to stop and have a chat, I told her that I was planning a big night out in town we exchanged numbers and went on our way.
Now I was ready to head into town for the rest of my weekend. I arrived at hotel and checked in. As I was heading to elevators I noticed the female concierge looking at me and smiling. I gave her a wave and smiled back, no problems. Put my bag into room and out to do some shopping at the inner city specialty stores. Didn’t't spend a lot but had lots of fun, everyone so happy to help me trying on clothes. The guy who rushed to help me try shoes got a bit of a shock when kneeling in front of me (just so that he could look up my dress) realised that what he could see was more than a girl would have, but he handled himself professionally and just did his job. The day finished it was time to go back to hotel have dinner and prepare for the night. I ordered room service as it was easier.
After eating, I very carefully had a cold shower (didn’t want my make up ruined). Dressed up in what I had selected. Black lace double padded push up bra and breast form (made me look like a "D" cup instead of my usual "B" cup) again matching black thong, black crotchless fishnet hose, white sheer blouse (so you could see my bra) and a light pink maxi skirt with thigh high slit that could be raised to waistline by undoing a few buttons. Brush my wig, put on ear rings, touch up make up and reapply fresh lip stick. Last things were my new pink stilettos with 5 inch heels and shoulder bag plus some perfume. Time to head out for the night.
Going down in the elevator it stopped at one of the floors and the concierge (Sonya) got in. She looked me up and down, told me I looked great and that she would be finishing shift at midnight and might check if I was back in room that is if I wanted some company. Naturally I couldn’t say yes fast enough and was already looking forward to her *******. As the club I was heading for was just down the road I decided to walk there (no mean feat in those heels). I was ushered straight in by security, went up to the top floor as it was a bit quieter and ordered a drink. As I was sitting there my mobile rang, I nearly didn’t answer it until I saw that the number was Kristie from the salon. She said the she and her boyfriend were at a club near my hotel if I wanted to join them for a drink. I nearly choked when she said which club and told her I was already there and to come up to the top floor. I saw them as they came out of stairs and was stunned not only by how gorgeous Kristie looked but also by how hot her boyfriend was. They came over and as I was sitting in a booth I moved over to make room for them. Kristie introduced me as Amy and her boyfriend was Simon. We chatted for a while but I needed to use the ladies so as I got up Kristie came with me. She told me that Simon didn't know but not to worry as they were both bisexual and he would be delighted when he realised. Back to the booth I slid in and Kristie slid in beside me making me move next to SImon. Not long after I felt Simon’s hand rubbing my leg, he asked if I would like to dance I accepted as it was a slow number. Kristie smiled and told me to enjoy myself. While we were dancing Simons hand kept finding its way to my *** and giving it a squeeze while he pulled me in close, he had me so ******* hot I would have *** right there on the dance floor if the music hadn’t stopped. We went back to booth and found Kristie had gotten us fresh drinks. I sat down on the other side so that SImon was next to Kristie as I badly needed to cool down. Next thing I knew was Christie had her hand on my leg and as that was the side of the split she just it straight on up and started rubbing my **** and balls. I couldn't take any more and suggested that we go back to my room to which they both agreed. While we were walking back Simon put his arm around me and gave my **** a squeeze. It was then that he realized I was a guy Kristie just laughed and said she knew. Back at the hotel waiting for elevator Sonya walked up and asked if I wanted company I explained that Kristie and Simon were coming up for a drink and if that was Ok she was welcome as well to which she eagerly agreed.
Up in my room it didn’t take long before we were all down to underwear. I could wait to see what Simon had to offer me and Sonya was a beautiful and sexy as Kristie who I had already seen naked from the waist down. Everyone said the only thing I was allowed to remove was my thong. The rest of them ******** completely. I was in heaven 2 gorgeous girls and Simon. The three of them decided that as it was my special week end I had to get each of them off as quickly as I could starting with Sonya. She took me about 5 minutes of serious licking and sucking her **** while Kristie played with her ****. Then Simon’s turn, this was a bit more difficult as he had 9 inches of rock hard **** and I wasn’t sure if I could get it all in my mouth. It took some effort but I managed in the end and was rewarded with him exploding and filling my mouth with hot salty *** which Kristy then licked up from where it had overflowed. Finally it was Kristie’s turn. She said that if I should get her to *** while I had a finger or 2 stuck up her *** which would make her squirt. When she came I thought I was going to drown. All finished and I still hadn’t had a turn. Again they decided to make me wait Sonya had gotten Simon hard again and although he was busy ******* her beautiful sweet ***** he wanted my *** so it was time to switch. He had me kneel on the bed while he took me doggy style standing behind and both girls 69ing in front of me. It took a little while for Simon to get his **** all the way in my *** and then he started to slowly pump in and out. He felt so great buried deep inside me that I started to leak precum and I hadn’t even touched myself. I didn’t realise but the girls had stopped and were watching my expression instead they saw what was happening and told Simon to stop until I settled down. After a few minutes he was back into me and I had better control The girls decided I needed to suck on them again and took turns pushing their ***** into my face. This kept on until Simon spasmed and I felt him ******* deep in my ***, that just about finished me as I started leaking precum again. We stopped and rested for a time had a shower and back into the fun. This time I said it was my turn and that they all had to suck me. I don’t know who the best mouth **** was but it might have been Kristie by the narrowest margin as she took me all the way in. I loved seeing Simon suck me but he just didn’t have the ability of the girls. In the end it was decided that I would **** Sonya while sucking on Simon's ****. It was only after I had gotten started that I understood what Kristie was up to, she had gotten my suction cup ***** out of my bag and was proceeding to **** me with that and the same time. It was all too much and I finally came filling Sonya with what seemed to be gallons of ***. We switched places all night long and for the best part of Sunday with everyone getting off many times Although I knew I wouldn’t't see Sonya again very often Kristie lives nearby and we can get together on a regular basis.
This turned out to be the best week end of my entire life with Sonya even offering to delete the hotel bill and make my whole weekend compliments of the hotel so long as I licked her out once again before I left which of course I did.
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That could only have been better if Sonya had gone & brought back a strap on to peg you. Very hot weekend.


Wow a cd's dream come true

Amazingly hot story.....would love to have been there for MORAL SUPPORT