I went out in public as a cheerleader for Halloween one year. An ex girlfriend of mine "convinced" me to do it (we had broken up years prior). She invited me along and I didn't have a costume so I wore her cheerleader uniform. I came over and got dressed and she insisted I wear some nice thick suntan pantyhose which she supplied (Leggs Sheer Energy non-control top if memory servers; back when Leggs was thick, comfy, and silky).

I wore the sweater top, short skirt and of course the outer panty portion (I had my undies on under the pantyhose). some short socks and my sneakers. She then proceeds to do my make-up. Up until this point I hadn't worn make-up and I haven't since. I really didn't like the way it felt or smelled.

Anyways she does my make-up full-tilt... I needed better hair, but I looked pretty girly. We went to the costume party at her church and my outfit was a hit. My friend quite often pointed out that I was indeed wearing pantyhose. I had a blast really, and wasn't afraid to share that I was comfy and having a blast. I had a few guys say that I had some huge brass ones for showing up dressed like that.

Turned out there was a costume contest, and guess who took 1st place? Yupp, me. After some snacks and a scavenger hunt (going door to door) we were off to the haunted caves. Not actual caves, but out at the fair grounds and the local haunt for scares and thrills. I opted to wash off the make-up before we went to the fair grounds. I felt much better with it off. I come out of the bathroom and most everyone is changed out of their costumes. Guess what, we didn't bring alternate outfits. So I was off to the haunted caves in the cheerleader outfit, hosiery etc. Yeah, it was pretty awesome. I got some comments on my legs while in line from a couple girls :)

I had a blast... I told my wife that I want a legit cheerleader outfit for home.... she's totally cool with that :)
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Good times like that make for wonderful memories that see us through the dark times. X


I love this story. That sounds like so much fun. I was a schoolgirl for one Halloween and that was a blast. Maybe I'll go for cheerleader next Halloween.

Hope you get that cheerleading outfit. Loved your story.

Excellent! Halloween is right around the corner. I think many of us like to imagine getting to wear the cute cheerleader outfit. I will gladly take the hair bow as well with my outfit, thank you!
By the way, glad to see you posting stories again!