My First Time Out In Public And It Was A Blast!

A few months back a couple of friends told me about a bus trip a local lingerie store runs where everyone dresses up in some rather out there adult orientated costumes and go on a booze trip on a bus around a few pubs and have some fun... This sounded like a fun and safe way to get out in public dressed as my alter ego so I quickly booked my ticket! The day finally arrived and I went round to my friend's house early to get ready. I arrived almost 5 hours before we had to meet the bus in town and started the drinking and getting ready. By the time it was time to get into the taxi and head into town I had consumed enough to get over my nerves! I was wearing full lingerie under a sexy kimono style black dress, a blonde wig with dark streaks that came down to just past my shoulders, my favourite white thigh high boots with 5.5 inch heel, false nails painted green (to match my eye shadow!) full makeup, a pearl necklace with matching ear rings, a couple of rings and my brown and tan handbag... we got on the bus and continued drinking and had an amazing night - I had so many beautiful girls coming up to talk to me and gush about my boots and ask how I could walk in them (with the boots on I was nearly 7 foot tall!) and get their photos taken with me etc etc.

By the time we got to the last pub, I was rather intoxicated having consumed a 1L bottle of Absolut Vodka, countless vodka jellies and untold handles at the pubs but was still standing. The organizers did the prize draw for spot prizes etc and I was a bit disappointed I didnt get anywhere but then they called my number out for having taken the prize for "Best Dressed" (everyone had numbers and you basically cast your vote during the night for who you thought deserved the top prize for best dressed) - I was actually stunned! I came forward and literally asked if they were having a laugh before calling the real winner! They assured me they werent and told me I had won a night for 2 in a "superior suite": at one of the fanciest hotels in town!! Not bad for my first time out in high heels and a dress huh!!

- I'm going to use my prize in October - when the next bus trip is scheduled! Can get ready to go there and then at the end of the night just walk from the pub (pretty much right next door!) to the hotel... Spend the rest of the night in luxury as the woman who won the prize in the first place!
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1 Response Jul 10, 2010

Great for you ... and by October you shouldn't be still hung over to enjoy it.