It was 1981. My then fiance and her sister were going to go dressed as hookers and my friend and I were going to go dressed as cops. My fiance's sister suggested that we reverse the roles and despite my "apprehension," I "reluctantly" agreed. No one knew how I so badly was dreaming of this. Anyways, I went to a nearby thrift store and purchased a sexy dress, pumps with ankle straps, and a purse (it was quite a rush when the clerk asked if I wanted to try on the dress and shoes to ensure of a good fit!).  I then went to a costume store to purchase pantyhose, a wig and costume jewelry. The night of the Halloween party, my fiance did my makeup and I even got to wear her sister's bra and half slip!  We started our night at the club that was holding the Halloween party and we won second place for our costumes. The "cops" then decided it would be fun to go to bars where we normally frequented. I want to tell you that this did get me nervous to think that the group of guys that I hung with were going to see me dressed as a hooker, but I was out voted. One of the bars that we went to, I was getting my dress lifted and get my *** felt. I thought that it was my fiance, only to see that it was two women that I never knew!  What we girls have to go through when we're dolled up!!!
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Fabulous sweetie<br />
Hugs<br />

Great and I'm glad to hear that and isn't it fun to be out and about as ourselves, Kathy? I know it certainly is for me.<br />
Too bad you don't have someone to share experiences with. I do, first with my wife and then with some of our special women friends ... it is great. But hey, maybe you will find someone soon.

What a fun time all of you must have had that Halloween. I guess that was a "first" but now don't tell me you haven't dressed and gone out in public since ... you have haven't you?<br />
Yes, like you, I too have had my dress or skirt lifted and being felt by women ... all of them I know and are friends of my wife and mine.