Dressed To Have Some Fun In Public

I have a case hidden full of panties, bras, nylons,garter belts, girdle,slips, and everything needed to dress up. A few Saturdays ago I was home alone so I took about 45 minutes to shave , makeup and dress including a blonde wig. When I was finished, I was sort of passable enough to go out for a drive.
I live in Washington State, so I found this park that has out buildings for picnics. The one I chose was somewhat enclosed except on 1 facing a roadway. From the roadway which winds around the park itself I can see who is walking or driving by. I set up through a men's networking site for cruising a time I would be at this place.
I was walking around a bit and a few cars passed, but no one took a second look at me as unusual. That was good, I had on a short skirt, nylons with a garter belt, sheer panties, bra and blouse plus my wig and make-up. I went to my specified site and soon a guy came toward me. He wore jeans was about 6ft3. I waited to see what he would do. When he entered the building and said hello. I smiled sat on a picnic bench and crossed my legs. He watched me cross my legs which I certainly let him see my smooth shaved thighs. He stepped toward me oped his jeans and pulled out a nice long limp **** uncut. I reached for it slid it into my hot waiting mouth and started to lav it up and suck it till he was nice and stiff. He was moaning and soon he pushed his jeans to his ankles and told me to stand up. His **** was about 7 inches long and nice and thick. He started to rub my *** and soon lifted my skirt and felt my pantied ***. He slid my undies down around my thighs and started to now finger my love hole and stroked my lil ****. It wasn't long before he told me to bend over the bench and spread my legs which I did gladly. He then pulled out some lube and a condom. I felt him finger my hole for a bit lubing my honey spot then he positioned his **** to slide int my love hole and ooohhh did it feel sooo good as he started to slow **** me and saying dirty things in my ear as I pushed back and forth to match his ******* rythem. It wasn't but about 10 minutes and he started to grunt and **** harder that he was ******* in my ***. This was heaven to me and hefucked faster till all his *** was in my *** in that condom. He told me to stand up turn around with my panties now around my ankles and to drink his *** from the rubber. I did it and he said we need to do this again with my friend. Told him anytime I can work it out.

My *** was a bit sore as I pulled up my panties and walked back to the car fully satisified of my adventure. I plan to do it again and again.
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66-70, M
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You must have been in Heaven.

do it not more and more daily if yu can ...ill be the same if be your position