Out In Womens Clothes

I wear womens clothing every day. 97% of my wardrobe is womens clothing, including 7 pairs of shoes. Along with my Plunge Bra, panty, cami, and hosery, a nice feminine top and jeans or womens dress pants.I don't try to pass, but be comfortable in clothing I like to wear. I like to wear womens cloting. I like to shop for womens clothes and even try things on in the stores. I am not a real formal dresser as a pair of very fashionable womens jeans and a womens top and I'm good to go.

With the support of all the members of the Men Wear BRAs Forum at  www.hellotaxi.websitetoolbox.com   I am getting bolder and more confident going out and being comfortable in my clothing of choise. I can sence when people are looking at me. Most of the time I ignore it and go on about my business. once in a great while a woman will walk over and say something, mostly,  I get an aproving smile and thats as much as It will ever be.
serinalynn serinalynn
66-70, M
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Perfect attire for your female shape