No Bra

I have been trying to get my wife interested in having sex with other man for the past three yrears, it is ony been over the last couple of weeks that she has show real interest in being more open, Before, she would only dress, what I call safe so no one could ever see any hint of her **** always wore a bra, if she has a dress on she would always make sure is was not see through, over the years I have told her how nice she looks and that she has a great set of **** and that more men should be able to see them, well the other week we went out for drinks and when she dressed she had on a sexy bra because it was a vaery hot night just before we went out she decided to remove her bra and asked me how she looked, I told her she was realy hot and lets see how many guys looked at her throught the night, well after a few drinks she would bend over to make sure anyone that wante da look got one it was a great night and when we returned home we ****** like teenagers more later
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4 Responses Jan 22, 2013

Showing off is a great way to have a very fun night! And it always gets both people hot!!

it sure dose have you had the same experience

Oh yes!!! Many, many times!

Great way to start the ball rolling!

great .I hope she does it more for you.

thanks,when she leaves the house now she never wears a bra

Good luck.