Some tops are meant to be worn braless. I have gone out for dinner several times wearing this. The first pic is without the shawl.
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Don't you look beautiful. Would love to hear from you!

Sounds beautiful, would like to see women like you down the street ! Pls add me so can comment on your pics

I always suspected you would make the perfect dinner guest - in many ways!

Looking good. Do you also go commando when wearing a skirt?

Frankly, Louise, I'm not sure you *ever* need to wear a bra. Very lovely...

Looks great.

Very nice, I would love to see more. Please add me.

Looking good! I'm sure you received some appreciative looks :) dc

a bra really would look strange with this top. kudos to you for wearing it the way it was intended.


Thats a very nice, sexy, stunning look!!

Looking good Louise :)

You look elegant and sexy and look amazing without a bra.

very nice indeed!!

I think that's very hot I know you would make me look lol

Your hair is smart too!

I' pretty sure ALL tops are meant to be braless ;)


Your breasts are very well shaped. They certainly donot look as if they need a lot of support, You are very smart indeed.

Very lovely

You are so HOT!!! Would you please add me....

I bet you got your share of looks that the look myself.

You look great without a bra Louise. You have big beautiful breasts. I like seeing mature women who aren't afraid to look sexy. I'm 60 years old. I hope you add me.

I agree that this should not be offensive to anyone. In fact I would like it to be a bit more revealing. You looked very sexy in it and would have been much more so if a bit more nipple was poking.