Picking Up The Pizza

I know this is probably gonna sound cliche, or something but whatever..

I had a pizza delivery coming to me flat, The woman who was going to delivery it rang up my flat number using the buzzer machine and i recognised the voice, She often answers the phone instead of making deliveries and i knew she was around 30 and has that "Mature & sexy" look to her. I had just had a bath and was lounging around the house in just my towel anyway so i thought i may aswell answer the door like this, But take it one step further. I opened my door, and had a quick look around the corridor to check nobody was coming and went to meet her when she gets out the lift.

I heard the ping noise come from the lift and made sure my towel was tied properly around me, she looked at me a little startled and said hey so i said "Hey, sorry i'm dressed like this but i've just had a shower and i know you dont usually delivery, so didnt want you to get lost" she smiles and follows me back to my house door, I leave the door half open and run inside to get the money and notice her peeking through part of the door. I "Accidently" drop the money and bend to pick it up which causes my towel to roll open and drop to the floor. i quickly attempt to cover myself with my hands but i hear a gasp from behind me, She pushes the door open and giggles at me while i pull my towel back up and grab the money. "Sorry about that" i say as i pass her the money, she shrugs and says "Oh dont worry, it's moments like this that make me miss doing the deliveries". we both laugh a little and exchange the money and pizza.

I walk her back to the elevator, Still just wearing my towel, and press the button to make the lift return to my floor, "Enjoy your pizza" she says with a little smirk, i laugh a little and say "Sorry i dont have any money for a tip" she shrugs again and smiles "How about another flash?" she ask's, i smile nervously "well, i wasnt expecting to give a show haha" and rest my hand on the towel "dont worry about it, probably innapropriate to ask anyway" she says again, looking at the elevator doors. the doors ping and open up, she steps inside and i drop my towel and say a dramatic "OOOPS!", she smiles again, slaps me on the bum and says "Have a good night" and winks as the elevator doors close.
Hulligan Hulligan
18-21, M
Jul 12, 2010