One night it got particularly late and I wasn't quite tired enough to fall asleep, so I decided to try something I wanted to do for quite a while: I decided to go outside naked. I decided to sneak out the backdoor to do it, since it seemed like as good a place as any at the time. When I stepped outside, I worked swiftly to undress. I took off my top quickly and slid out of my pants and underwear quickly as well. After stripping down, I snuck around the side of my house to the gate of the fence and quietly walked into the driveway. I felt my heart pump hard at the thought of being out in the neighborhood in nothing but my birthday suit. I crouch walked past the cars to the curb and took a step out onto the street. I couldn't quite believe I was doing it, and was flush with excitement. I receded back into the driveway after standing out in the road for half a minute. After stepping back, another idea hit me: "What if I ran to the spot in the middle of the circle where they were sectioning off where to dig up the concrete?" Overtaken by desire, I somewhat hop-ran to the centre of the circle. When I reached it, I stood there for a moment to just take in the situation. When I was ready, I repeated the hop-running to the driveway and, as I was returning around back to the backdoor, I had another crazy thought: "Could I reach that black SUV down the road?" Acting on more desire than logic, I swiftly moved to the SUV. As I ran, I felt my running form change slightly and could fell my breasts bounce. When I reached the SUV, I made sure not to touch it for fear of car alarms, and looked back over at my house. Adrenaline pumping through my veins, I ran back in a similar fashion, until I realized the amount of sound I managed to be making and started speed walking carefully. As I reached the top of the driveway, I heard a car coming down the road and I ducked behind the truck parked in the driveway. I kneeled on the cold, wet ground and waited until I heard the people in the car enter their house. After I was sure they were inside, I bolted into the backyard and clambered into my bed. The experience had certainly been one I wouldn't soon forget.
thatguy353 thatguy353
22-25, F
Aug 24, 2014