And It Was Good

First off, I must say I was shocked that there was not already an existing group like this. Amazing!

And now, back to my story (as if I ever left it)

Early this morning my housemate was looking out the back window at our patio. One of the chairs was in a position that neither of us would have delibertely left it nor could either of us remember leaving it there accidently. Ut-Oh - do we have trespassers visiting us? So we deceide to put the chairs where they belong and mark the floor where they stand. I have to go backdownstairs to get a marker.

Oh did I say (of course not - I was saving it for now as a surprise) I was only wearing my collar, **** ring and ankle cuffs during this conversation while she was wearing her pink sundress (CFnm). I had posed for pictures earlier and took off the wrist cuffs while on the computer, but not the other stuff. I expected to hear my housemate say "and put some pants on while you're down there." But nooooo. No such thing. So I go down and get the markers and come back up as naked as before. "well, you didn't tell me to get dressed" I thought - but didn't have to say.

So we go out and I mark the spots for the chair legs with my bare butt out to the world and my package hanging down. Now other than the trip from back door to the patio  it really wasn't a big deal (although I didn't walk as fast as I did with the mouse the other day) as the patio has walls on three sides, open only to the big back yard.

Then, however, she wants to check out the side of the house, the side with the flood lights, the side very close to the neighbor's house - with NO privacy fence. Fine with me. So,I am standing outside the brightest area of the spotlights when she wonders if anybody has been messing with the basement window. So I go over into the right-in-the-center-of-the-spotlight area and check the window. I take my time. She finally says maybe you should get out of the bright light. So OooKayyy. And on out way back to the patio we pass the pile of branches Logger Satin has yet to turn into bundles. One big branch, the one that had been on the roof for months and turned brown had been bothering my housemate, looking like a peeping Tom. So Logger Nudy takes over and pulls the offending branch to where it does not look like a person, still in the nude.

Then finally go back to the patio to finish marking. And she says "It feels good to be out here naked." Now my first thought is she meant that sarcasticly and is about to come down on me (although it is a bit late for that.) But after I say "Yes," she comes back with "I do it too, sometimes." WOW
MPsslavetommy MPsslavetommy
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Aug 5, 2010