Up, Up and Away!

Once I overcame my fear of heights, it was so much fun being so high in the air! Only regret was it was over in 5 minutes! :(

neo123 neo123
31-35, M
5 Responses Feb 28, 2008

wow you were pretty high up there! Ziptrekking sounds like FUN! I will check that out!

I hope to get up the nerve to go parasailing on my vacation in Sept. I looks like so much fun but I am afraid of heights and am not sure how I will feel once I get up in the air!

I would have a heart attack! I can barely get on a step stool without feeling woozy, lol!

Not sure. Some 300 feet or so, I think. Another similar experience is ziptrekking in Whistler near Vancouver. May warrant a separate experience!

Oh that is so exciting!!! How high up were you?