Window Shopping in the Mall

Over the last few years I have gone shopping dressed more and more in women's clothing.  First, it was the easy stuff, panties and hose under my regualr clothes.  Then about two years ago, after getting up the nerve to buy women's shoes openly, I also started wearing women's shoes on occassion.  Having acquired a few more items of my own, I went out about six weeks ago completely dressed in women's clothes except for my coat .   I was wearing white lacy panties, nude panties hose, a pair of black women's slacks with a black patent belt, a lacy white padded bra, an ivory camisole, a white nylon blouse, and black pumps with black patent capped toes.  

I went to a mall in Denver.  From my neck up, I am sure that I looked like a regular guy, no wig or make up.  I entered the JC Penney's to look for some more slacks and blouses.  Although I did not buy anything there I tried on a couple of pairs of slacks before heading out into the rest of the mall.  I walked much of the time with my coat on so it was not completely obvious that I was dressed in women's clothing, but for the discerning eye it would not have been hard to tell by just looking at the black pumps on my feet.  When I went into a women's stores I would take my coat off so it was real easy to tell.  The sales people did not seem to care and it felt so freeing to do so, not to mention a little arousing.  In acouple of stores I tried on shoes and in one I tried on an ivory colored prom/bridesmaid dress.  If my wife was more open to my crossdressing, I probably would have bought the dress.  It was a wonderful afternoon of window shopping in the mall and at a few stores near the mall.  I hope that I can do it again sometime,

 Unfortunately I don't get to Denver all that often and shopping around home would not be a good thing as I live in a small very conservative community, not too mention the only place really to shop in is a Wal Mart about an hour from home. 




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SissyNYC, thanks for the comment. I definited felt aroused, but not really humiliated. I am not looking for humiliation. No, acceptance is more my desire or at least indifference. Since this post I have gone on at least a few occassions dressed to different stores to try on clothes and shoes. I enjoyed the acceptance I get from the sales help and even the other customers in the store. Yes, there are some who look aghast at my appearance, but for me that's their problem not mine. Even if these outings are only small moments of feminine liberty in my other wise male existence, they are joyous ones. To finally be out in public and dressing the way I want. Admittedly this is among strangers, but that is the best I can do at this point in my life. I know some look for humiliation, but i want to be accepted for who I am and, to some extent, proud of it. And I am probably not a sissy as much as a guy who likes to wear women's clothes. Either way, thanks so much for commenting on my story, I really do appreciate it.

Congratulations on a lovely experience. I'm sure you felt both aroused and humiliated, but at the same time you were able to share your true self - something that is important to everyone, and something most sissies never get to experience.