Room-mates Clothes

Several years ago, I was living in an apartment with a buddy and his wife. One day, when they were out of town, I went in their room and dressed in her clothes. Stealing up my nerves, and puttin on a raincoat, I went out. I ate at a resteraunt and went shopping. Since then I have only went out wearing panties a couple of times. Maybe I will get the nerve again but we will see.
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Donning female attire does not make one gay or bi. 80 percent of cross dressers are hetrosexual.<br />
for some it is a sexual release, get dressed and **********, Others its a way to relieve stress.<br />
As for people who accept a cross dresser more women then men are understanding. its the surpising them that makes it rough, Most women want a guy who is in touch with his ferminine side but not so much that he wants to be dressed as a woman.

i its a fetish that should be explored. im bi so i find women dont quit under stand except my therapist who happens to be female. like she says as long as it doesnt hurt me or someone else.go for it.

I know there are a lot of hipocritical people out there. Heck my desire to wear women's clothing is in a way hipocritical since I am not attracted to men. I have no problem with whatever a person wants sexually though, as long as it's consentual.

I understand having to hold the secert,i live around some very consertive people, so when i do put on panties i worry about getting caught. but i have found afew conserative men that like to have thier manhood sucked,and when they see the panties they are so turned on. go figure.

I did it because it excited me, both wearing her clothes and being out in public. I am getting flush just thinking about it. Hopefully I will get a chance to do it again but I don't know, crossdressing is a very secret thing of mine. So, no, hopefully no one knew I did it.<br />
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Sisypwimp, your story is very exciting as well but I don't see ever being able to do it. Alas, I can't afford a secret wardrobe nor have a place to hide it.

I went out to a local woman's clothing store told the sales girl that I was bisexual and was going to a gay dance and needed girls clothes. I went their on a Thursday evening around 8:00 at night so there wasn't anyone else in the store accept the two of us. She helped me pick out some wonderful clothes. Since then I went back so often that I have a new wardrobe of cheap priced clothes, and me and the cashier have become acquaintance friends. After work I like to put on a nice pair of panties to wear around the house. Nobody knows that I have them on under my pants. I even bought some nice girls blue jeans that I wear out while I go shopping. They look almost like guys jeans eccept that they are a little slimmer.

Why did you do it the first time? And why haven't you done it since? I mean will any one even know its you?