Mummys Girl

I love it when mummy takes me shoping for girls clothes and she makes me try on my panties and dresses or skirts and then I have to walk home dressed as a little girl and all the boys can see my frilly knickers

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Danny mum yelled, you cant go to the party its only for little girls she said, its not fair I replied girls get to have all the fun, I wish I was a girl, well, mum said I could turn you into a little girl for the party she said, lets see if I can find you some little girl clothes for you, your little sister has some spare clothes you can wear, look, here are some sweet little frilly knickers that will fit you she said and put them on me, now try on this pretty pink frilly dress with matching little ankle socks you will make such a sweet little girl she said once I style your hair into an 8 year old girl and we will change your name to Danella and you can carry a dolly with you to take to the party, your going to have so much fun now your a little girl, she said, yes mummy, I like being a little girl I said, can I stay a girl forever mummy please, yes sweetypie you can never be a boy again you will stay as my daughter now your such a good little girl. Mummy can I play with Molly my doll now please I will play nicely mummy.

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i wish my mom was like that