Best Shopping Experience

Once I declared myself to a good friend she decided that we needed a shopping day. First stop was to Victoria Secrets. She had me wander around the store to get comfortable and asked me to let her know if I had any reservations. The saleslady approached us and asked if we needed any assistance. After we told her we needed a few minutes, she said to call her if we needed anything. After about 5 minutes, I approached the saleslady and asked her if she could measure me for a bra. My friend was a bit shocked that I took the direct approach but I was getting very nervous and would have ran out of the store if I didn't get the right reaction. The saleslady smiled and took us to a back area of the store, measured me, put us in a changing room,and brought different bra styles to us. We spent about an hour trying on bras and when we were done I had selected two styles that I adored. We asked the saleslady if they came in certain colours and while she was checking I picked up a few panties. The lady at the register addressed me in my femme name and made all of the notations into their system under that name. By far the best shopping experience I have had and I am so very grateful to the ladies at VS and to my special friend.

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5 Responses May 20, 2012

VS does have the sexiest panties

How fantastic!
I want to do that so badly!

Go for it Candice! You'll love the personal attention you get at VS.

Shopping can be so much fun!! I've found that as long as you being honest about yourself most sales clerks will be very polite and helpful. Glad to here you had very nice experience.

What a great friend! Bet you had a great time after you worked the nervousness away. I've had the same problems with VS bras. Years ago they carried band sizes into the 40's but not anymore.

I am glad that you where treated with kindness, by both your friend and VS Clerk.