For Him

Today there was a sale at a local children's consignment shop. You got this little, tiny bag, normally would hold maybe a pair of kids shoes. Whatever you could put in the bag from the clearance rack you got for $10. Now wasn't in need of anything but this little boy in my sons class was. They are currently living in a hotel and his clothing is obviously too small and full of holes making this the perfect opportunity to shop. :)

I think they were a bit surprised at how much I fit into that bag. *giggles* I took all I could find in his size, the next size up and even some things for my little girl. They didn't have much left so the sale was just to get rid of the old. I originally had 16 items but one wasn't marked down so they took it out. I think for him there was one pair of shorts (all they had) and about 9 shirts. My daughter got two different hoodie type jackets, a long sleeved shirt, 1 skirt and 1 pr shorts. Most, not that I care, were Ralph Lauren, GAP and Children's Place so didn't do too bad. I still need to get him some pants but sent an email out to everyone I know and should have that covered.

I so love a bargain!

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1 Response Feb 28, 2009

good for you. i just love deals!