Skinny Dipping

Skinny Dipping

Around the age of 10 me, my sister and my brothers along with my cousins, all used to go for swim in nearby lake, me and my sister mostly used to go for skinny dipping but boys they only sometimes  did skinny dip.

We are not allowed to go around that lake for some tresspassing reasons .  As girls, me and my sister used to wear frocks at that time if we took our swimsuit with us then mother would get it, that we are going for swimming , so we always used to go complete nude infront of all the boys while we swim, cause if we swim in our underwear and came back with our wet underwears, causes itching and irration, moreover mother would knew about our lake adventures,  then mother would punished us, as we had to work with our mother and aunty, provided we were not allowed to go around without panties when we were wearing the skirts or frocks, so we couldn’t get them off either.

For the boys they were mostly used to swim with their underpants on, and after swimming they took them off  and put on their clothes and sometimes we got a chance to had a glimpse of their privates, while they were all had their fun in viewing every inch and corner of our body all the time. It went on like this till will were 19 and by this time were so comfortable in our own skin that being nude or naked  was not a issue for us, even infront of other people, no matter they were clothed or naked.

I along with my sister, we both had done skinny dipping with our girlfriends also, a lot of times, the best time when all the girls were nude under the sun. 


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Good for you!

Instill do

I still skinny dip in my pond and my neighbors go with me all the time. I never want to wear clothes. :)

How ironic.... I wonder what your mother would have said if she knew her prohibition on trespassing, wearing no knickers etc meant that you ended up did displaying your charms around boys? ;-)

Perfect happiness!!!!!!!<br />
with great joy!!!!!<br />
I really miss my those days

Ah, the forbidden nature of the swim makes it all the more exciting! But once you've gone bare once and felt the delicious sensation of water flowing freely over your skin, you'll never want to wear anything in water again, no matter who's watching! Skinny dipping with girlfriends in the sunlight - absolute bliss!