I'm English and I've lived in the same part of South East England my entire life. However my family have got a beach house on the South coast of France where we stay for a few weeks a year in the Summer. This place is super fancy and quite big, but it's also a very old building, so doesn't have a pool. Usually this isn't a problem since as mentioned before, it is just a few minutes from the beach.

However this summer, when I was 18, I went down to the beach one day with my sister in the afternoon to find that it was off limits to the public for the next few day for whatever reason. For the many years we had been coming to the beach house, this had never happened. Without access to the ocean to cool down, we (me, my sister and my parents) quickly noticed how stupidly humid it was.

A few days later, while I was sunbathing outside with my sister (16), we heard a loud splash from behind some trees to the side of our garden. We investigated and saw through the trees that the house next door has got an outdoor pool. Admittedly it was one of those over ground pools you can set up in any garden, but still it was pretty big. We felt jealous, but returned to our sunbathing.

Later that evening I was trying to get to sleep in my bed, but the heat and humidity were just overwhelming. I considered taking a shower to cool down, but the lure of next doors pool was just too much. I don't often do sneaky stuff like this. But on this occasion I changed into my bikini, then put on my clothes from the previous day over that. I then sneaked as quietly as I could out of the beach house and into the garden. From there I peeked into the neighbours garden and saw the empty pool along with the unlit house. It looked as though the coast was clear, but I still waited a few minutes to make sure nobody started stirring. Using a sun lounger, I vaulted over the fence and into the neighbours garden. From there I waited behind the large trees, again making sure that nobody was awake in the house, but also I was planning my way back out. I saw that they had a park bench near the fence and I would be able to easily use that to vault back into my garden if need be.

I walked up to the pool and climbed the first few steps of the ladder to look at the waters surface. Up until this point I was sort of on the fence between if I would actually have the nerve to get in or not. But after I saw the moons reflection on the water I was dead set at going on. Standing next to the pool, I removed my clothes down to my bikini, then climbed the ladder again. This time I reached the top then lowered myself down the other side into the water. The pool was the exact level of cool and refreshing that I needed. I got fully in and just stood there for at least a minute in fear of making too much noise. In time I started swimming about enjoying the water.

At that point something dawned on me. I've never been alone in a swimming pool at night before. I would be able to swim naked and nobody would know. Again, I was initially hesitant, but I began to "let" my bikini bottoms slide down my leg until they were hanging around my feet. I stepped out of them and swam. I felt so free, it was incredible. Soon I removed my bikini top too, leaving me to swim about totally naked. I felt the most free I had ever in my life, it was just the best, I can't even describe it. I swam about for I'm not even sure how long, possibly a good hour.

Suddenly a light turned on in the house, on the top floor. I wasn't sure if somebody was going downstairs or looking out the window, but did know that somebody was awake, and I wasn't waiting around to find out why. Straight away I bolted up and down the ladder to get out the pool. Then my legs carried me, without thinking, directly to the bench, and over back into my garden. I tumbled onto the grass and just lay there naked, happy to be back in the safety of my own garden. I can remember in those few minutes that I lay naked in my garden about my little adventure, and how liberating I found the nude swimming and even the soaking wet nude sprint back over the fence. Then it dawned on me that I had left my clothes and bikini in the neighbours garden. I wasn't going back for them, so even if nobody actually saw me in the pool, someone will realise what happened when they find my clothes in the morning.

Still slightly high on the adrenaline rush, I walked towards my own house, and into the kitchen. Baring in mind I was still naked during this walk, so I kept one arm folded across my chest, and the other hand over my lower area. As I entered the kitchen my sister walked in from the hallway. I will never forget the look of hilarity on her face when she caught me soaking wet and naked in the kitchen. The same way I'm sure she will never forget the shock and embarrassment on my face. She made me explain to her the entire situation with my hands by my sides the entire time, that was super embarrassing. After that she "allowed" me to go upstairs to my room. Again, I moved with my arms covering my body since I didn't want my parents seeing me either, thankfully they didn't wake up.

It was definitely a risky experience, but one that I hope I get to experience again sometime soon. Now that my sister has seen what I have to offer I might see if I can find a way for us both to skinny dip together.
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must be an exciting experience, your neighbour must be in suspence about the Bikini found from the swimming pool with no one inside it.

glad you had the nerve to go for it