Skydiving...the Ultimate High

I went last year, it was one of the best experiences of my life! The first 3 sec after jumping was such a rush! Now I'm addicted to adventure!
missadventurer missadventurer
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2 Responses Aug 8, 2007

You should totally do it, it was such a great experience and I'll be talking about until I die!

Oh, I have always kindof maybe wanted to do that! My dad had it jumping out of a plane as one of his goals, be it unfulfilled... But even as afraid of heights as i am, I think that is the one dangerous thing that I would gladly, and terrifyingly do. Right on for you taking that leap!!

As much as you may think it's all about being "scared of heights" that's really a small part of the fear factor. Your so far up, 13-15 thousand feet, once you leave the plane there is nothing around you to make you feel like your falling. Your soaring. Really the scary part for people scared of heights is after you deploy your canopy and your just sitting there coming to earth slowly at 5000 feet up. But you have an instructor in your ear on the radio telling you what to do. There are really too many things to do and think about to be scared that your going to die.