Lakeland Swim

Hi, I live in the Lake district, in the north west of England, and this story occurs in the summer of 2012. I had read an article in the local news paper about a group of people who went skinny dipping in a tarn some where in the Lake District. I thought to my self "why haven't I tried that before". So one evening a few days later I drove to a nearby lake, I parked my car and walked to an old boat house within a group of trees, there was a small stony beach next to the boat house. I stood on the the beach for a few minutes checking there was no one about then I proceeded to get naked and made my way into the water. As soon as I entered the water I could feel how cold it was, it must have beed about 6 or 7 degrees centirgrade, I slowly lowered my self into the water, the shock from the cold hit me every time I lowered my self an inch into the water. Eventually I acclimatised to the tempature and I swam around for a bit and thinking how amzing it is to be swimming naked outside. After a while it started to get to dark so I got out of the water dried my self off and got dressed, walking back to my car I was thinking "i can't wait to do that again".
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Sep 16, 2012