In May I started talking to this guy named Stephen. He at the time was in 9th grade and I was in 10th grade. I met him when I went to visit my friend in her guitar class. At first I didn't think much of him. He wasn't someone who really brought my attention. Until one day, I saw him with a new haircut that I thought really suited him and made him look incredibly handsome. After that he started saying hi to me often in the school halls on my way to classes. He was very kind and friendly and he would tell me how he really loved my curly red hair and that I was pretty. It really flattered me because never once has a guy ever thought of me in this way. So I decided to ask him for his phone number and after that things moved very quickly. We texted everyday all day and soon began talking on the phone. After about two weeks we both decided that we wanted to be in a relationship together. When this topic started he told me that he also really liked this other girl, who happened to be a casual friend of mine named Josephina. He told me that even though he really liked her he liked me a lot more so we preceded to being in a relationship. We were very close. We talked all day every single day. I had my first kiss with him. I told him everything. He meant the world to me. He was my first boyfriend and I was very happy because I never thought I would ever have one. There were many things he would say/do that I really disliked that I disagreed with though. I decided to accept them because I really liked him and I thought if he spent so much time with me he would eventually change. But that wasn't the case. After about only a month of being together he broke up with me. I was COMPLETELY devastated. Never in my entire life had I felt so hurt. I felt like I was lied and betrayed to. After about a week or two I also find out that he was (and currently is) dating Josephina. This all has put me into a mild/moderate (self diagnosed) depression. I want to let this all go but I can't. So the question I pose to you all is...should I talk to these two once more. I've kept my distance for about 3 months and I feel like I should break my silence. I just want to talk to them and let me know I don't hate either one them and I just want to put this behind me so I could move on. What do you all think? Please give me your insight on my situation. I really need an outsider's advice.
emilyann97 emilyann97
18-21, F
Aug 21, 2014